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Abu Dhabi

Not far away from Dubai, maybe a 45 min drive away if the street is not busy lies another country which is part of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi (Father of the Gazelle). Tales have it that it received it’s name after a Gazelle was seen drinking from a spring which is very rare in the region. It is the emirate which possesses most of the oil in the area. But it shares the revenues with the other Emirates. Of course Sheila could not miss out on visiting it. We visited the impressive and most beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (named after the founder of the UAE, which with it’s white marble and gold design must look like a giant jewel from above. Sheila had to stay outside in the shoe shelve. The helpful staff provides adequate clothes but I hear, not for whole Groups. Rihanna was kicked out of the compound because of inadequate behavior.


In the Museum heritage village.

 luxurious hotel Emirates Palace

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