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Volkssternwarte München, Ducks In Space

Cathedral of Bamberg
Monastery Benediktbeuern

Since Sheila was almost smashed to pieces by Mut-Ante Duckzilla in a local furniture shop,

Sheila is convinced, there must be Ducks in Space. Especially after she learned there are Pigs in Space too. ( a nice piece of art which shows how modern managment works and treats employees) And Moles.

So she asked me to take her to the “Bayerische Volkssternwarte München” which is operated by the Bayerische Volkssternwarte München e.V. on the top floors and roof of a business building along the Rosenheimer Str. in Munich Germany, a star observatory. The entrance is behind an unstriking door on one of the top floors.

There is a Planetarium and a small movy theater where informative films are shown. The big telescopes, some of the technic of them steeming from Bavarian scientist Fraunhofer,  are on the Roof.

It was opened for the public 1947 in form of a non-profit club and it is financed by membership fees, donation and money from the city of Munich and always worth a visit on a clear night.

And yes, indeed, her first discovery was this duck shape asteroid in the exhibition hall.

And later we found this comet here on a screen:

and undoubtedly the biggest Rubber Duck out there ever seen.

And don’t miss to watch this sensational documantation of a Duck in Space of Soccer club Borussia Dortmund. Dortmund might not know how to play good soccer (2018) but they sure know how to make a Duck fly. Notice the dirt smudge „Gelsenkirchen“ (Schalke who will never become German master; soccer) on the ground.


Credit: Maps Icons Collection,

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Cathedral of Bamberg
Monastery Benediktbeuern