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Breaking News: almost live; Christmas Story 2023 Alle singen Weihnachten; ARD

Happy new Year 2023/2024 with Ludwig and Sissy
BMW Museum Munich, Ludwig and Lola, Esszimmer

The swarm by chance heard a story in the neighborhood were it often shops or has coffee. The local, traditional quality baker also delivers to the House of Windsor. They since some years deliver Christmas Stollen to London. Queen Elizabeth (just placed another Duck order) and Philip got the original, awarded “Müchner Kindl Stollen” and so now do King Charles III. and Queen Camilla. And while I am writing this the show ist still on TV.


Swarm still waiting for cousin King Karl yesterday

and Royal Family gethering on my kitchen table.

Max I, Ludwig I, Max II, Sissi with husband Franzl, King Karl with an unknown woman and Ludwig IV signed by Royal Highness Prince Ludwig Of Bavaria just some months ago. (Ludwig Bayern)

Well, our swarm just hours ago got visited by King Karl and I already sent some pictures to my network. Of the swarms Christmas preparations.

Just 15 minutes ago I received a phone call that I should turn on the TV (Florian Silbereisen, the show: “Alle singen Weihnachten! Das große Adventsfestsingen. ”

Actually we do neither like the house of Windsor as they stole so many titles from the Wittelsbacher nor the German Public TV for which we have to pay all those high fees. But this is great. Great to see neighbor Basti Brücklmaier. The story was on TV before and on the Reuters News Network.

As we still got orders to buy some more of the delicious Stollen (though the Almond Stollen), now I worry that due to our expensive, overpaid public TV, I will not be able to get that tomorrow. This is another fine mess you got me into.

Here are also some impressions of my Bavarian Home with still some snow left from the last snow cat-

astrophy only a week ago.



Unfortunately I twisted my ankle and could not go to Bad Reichenhall and only few Christmas Markets so far.

But I could place all necessary orders for X-mas.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you and many Lucky Ducky incidents.



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Happy new Year 2023/2024 with Ludwig and Sissy
BMW Museum Munich, Ludwig and Lola, Esszimmer