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Capri Town, Via Krupp, Lido del Faro, Gardini di Augusto

Pompeji, antique amphitheatre, temple, art, gods, thermal bath, smut

Capri is a very popular town and attracts many rich and beautiful people.

Via Krupp was built and financed by German industry tycoon Friedrich Alfred Krupp 1902 who became honorary citizen of Capri in the same year. It is a popular tourist site but due to falling rocks a permanent burden and has to be closed very often. The sheer Italian slopes into which it is built are obviously not “hart wie Krupstahl” (not as hard as the steel Krupp produced,also for the German military and which made him rich, ). Fiona Swarovski can be seen here roaming in the streets in summer and many more celebrities like Heidi Klump . It’s a great place for fancy shopping if you got the money.

But Capri also provides for some very nice beaches where Max could do some dipping at „Lido Del Faro“ and together with Atlas enjoy the park Gardini di Augusto and fine art.

Unfortunately the access to the “Blue Grotto” was not possible because of to high waves caused by a storm a view days before. So we still don’t know if Atlas can swim. But we still have the rescue line and we will sent another expedition. Heidi Klump and her young boyfriend were luckier. But Capri on the other side of the Island has more grottos, a „Green Grotto„, a „White Grotto“ and a „Red Grotto„. Into some of them the team could swim into but the team forgot to take a waterproof action cam so we could not shoot Duck Pictures in them.

No blog about Capri would be complete without this iconic song.

Credit: Maps Icons Collection,

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Pompeji, antique amphitheatre, temple, art, gods, thermal bath, smut

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