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Greece Kos; first pictures abroad after lockdown

 Greece Santorin

My second trip to greece braught me to Kreta and also to iconic Santorin island.


Greece Kreta Knossos

Greece Kreta Rethimno



1992 we entered Greece through the harbour of Patras coming in from Italy on another Interrail tour. The plan was to go to Turkey and than back through the Balkan area. But since the Balkan war had become worse, I had to take a plane back to Zurich Switzerland.


Greece Olympia



Canal of Korinth



Greece Athens

Greece Nafplio

Greece Paros

From Athens I took a Ferry to some of the greek Island on the way to Turkey.

Sheila and I experienced several adventures on Paros Island. First thing was, that I got of the boat at the wrong island, I had planned to go directly to Mykonos but exited to soon and there we stood in the harbour and the ferry was gone after I noticed my mistake. But we didn’t care, we were as free as we could be with my Interrail ticket which allowed as many ferry trips on deck as wanted. So I read about the Island and found it quite interesting wo we even stayed for two nights. I rented a small motorbike and even drove up on mountain Ajios Illiamit with a radar or broadcasting station in about 770 m. It is visible from all over the iland. It offered a great view and riding the bike I felt like Easy Rider.


Another adventure was, when I visited a church they started a Orthodox mass and to not disturb the mass I stayed inside and enjoyed the whole Long orthodox ceremony in the impressive but dark church. A lot different from what I know from home.

Greece Mykonos

On Mykonos on the last day on the camping ground we got into a early automn storm. I heard it before and was able to upgrade to a more solid hut on the ground instead of staying in the tent. The next day in the harbour we learnd that the Ferry service was canceled for one day so we stayed one night more in the cheepest place I could find in the harbour next to the ferry. I remember a big pelican walking through the town who was said to have come on land because of the storm. But the big bird also appreciated the leftover fish snacks he received from the fishermen,

Greece Samos



Greece Samos Pythagorio


Greece Samos Heraion







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Greece Kos; first pictures abroad after lockdown