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London, England

Brexit Debate British Parliament, unresolved issues


On our Interrail trip 1985 and some years later again with a freind from the USA we crossed the Channel. The tunnel did not exist at that time. The hovercraft was to expensive, we took the slow boat which was fun too. We enjoyed the Hide Park in London and many sites like Madame Tussauts which at that time only existed in London. Now they are all over the planet and there is even one in Singapore I think.

We watched the friendly „Bobby“ policemen bugging the cyclists. We had a nice dinner too but thought that the spinach was extremly expensive. A Long time ago, almost as long as England won a international soccer title. I at the second time baught a nice cap in Harrods, London which was inaugurated by a pigeon in Hide Park, I still don’t know how. But lost the cap when left it on a tour to the carnival in Venice on the bus and never got it back. What a pitty.

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Brexit Debate British Parliament, unresolved issues