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Porta San Giacomo, Bergamo

Italy Lombardy

The old city walls of Bergamo, a small but wealthy town with an university in northern Italy are a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Member of the swarm “Auguste Amalie Ludovika” on her trip through Lombardy also visited this place.

German Emperors like Staufer Friedrich Barbarossa had strong interest in the wealthy cities of upper Italy and tried to squeeze money out of them like the Salier before. He went to war several times against the Italian cities to enforce his interests and was in conflict with the pope. On his way back to his territories north of the Alps after his disputed incarnation in Rom “Otto von Wittelsbach” saved Friedrichs skin at the Veroneser Klause 1155 what later engaged Friedrichs sympathy for the Wittelsbacher when he had to decide about the rule over Bavaria after Heinrich the Lions fall 1180.

After years of war 1428 between the wealthy cities of Milano and Venice Bergamo became Venetian, was conquered several times by differnt rulers but reconquered by Venice again and again.

One nice Venetian city gate is the “Porta San Giacomo

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Italy Lombardy

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