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Quedlinburg, Cradle of the German Empire

Kyffhäuser Monument, Entente
Schiefer Turm von Bad Frankenhausen

The town of Quedlinburg is at least known since the early 9th century. Emperor Heinrich I.  („der Vogler“ The Fowler, 876-936) a born Liudolfinger, who established the Ottonian dynasty (followed by Otto I, II, III Henry II) was offered the kingdom here. He gained reputation fighting against the Magyars from Hungary who raided German territory in those days. Like in Benediktbeuern.

Henrys widow Holy Mathilda 936 with her heritage and presents she got founded the “Damenstift”, a place like a monastery where rich daughters of the higher class went to school or were put up if they could not marry. The Stift existed until the Secularization in Napoleonic times 1802.

Emperor Henry I. is interred here in the monastery.

Nazi Heinrich Himmler had the strange idea to be the reincarnation of Henry I.

The town is very picturesque with 3000 half-timbered house. In the times of the socialistic DDR they did not have the money to tear down the old houses and to build new ones so much of the old days is still there.

We enjoyed a nice sunny evening and an excellent dinner in a restaurant next to the old cathedral on the hill and heard some turmoil noise originating from the top of the tower (not from the classical concert which was also going on inside of the huge church). We learned, that a couple of Kestrels with some help has been successfully raising 4 chicks this year which are now starting their flight show round the old towers. They are still attacked by Crows and Magpies but they are big enough now to persist. A great show together with the sound of the classical concert in the church.

The male falcon also had to be rescued after he gut stuck in the rain gutter.

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Kyffhäuser Monument, Entente
Schiefer Turm von Bad Frankenhausen