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Roma, Vatican

Wittelsbacher Castles and Monuments; game of throne

Sheila went to Rom, Italy, several times and always enjoyed the time there. One time I went there with a Interrail ticket, asked something at a counter in the trainstation in Rom, accidently left the ticket at the counter, noticed that on the way back in the train, returned to Rom from the next station, baught another cheap ticket back , picked the ticket up at the counter in Rom which was still there and took another train back home to Germany. Because I was late I did not catch a direct Train but instead had to spent the night at the Brenner Pass at the Italian Austrian border. It was cold outside but the waiting room at the Brenner fortunately was heated.


I just recently learned, that 2 of the doors at St. Peter Cathedral in the Vatican were payed by a trust established by „Georg Von Wittelsbach„, a grandson of Wittelsbacher Sissi (Sisi), Princess In Bavaria and of Wittelsbacher Prinzregent Luitpold (Von Bayern). Georg was married for a very short time. But the marriage was canceled soon with the agreement of the Vatican and Georg chose a career in the church.

Credit: Maps Icons Collection,                           


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Wittelsbacher Castles and Monuments; game of throne