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Dreiländermarathon Switzerland, Austria, Germany

Sheila joined me on trips to Switzerland several times. We went to Zurich, Appenzell, Bern and Bienne (Biel, Rolex is producing here). We came to Zurich twice, on our first Interrail trip 1985 through Western Europe and again on a second one which brought me to Istanbul where I got stuck due to the Balkan war. I had to take a plane back and too the cheapest one I could get which was with a Turkish airline to Zurich. Which is not too far to Munich by train.

1985 Zürich was celebrating some anniversery, maybe it’s 2000 year before foundation by the romans or conquest. There were big plastic lions placed all over the city.

Rine Falls of Schaffhausen (not Europes biggest and mighties waterfall) and fireworks at the Zurichsee

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Dreiländermarathon Switzerland, Austria, Germany