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Dreiländermarathon Switzerland, Austria, Germany

Rhein-Main-Donau-Kanal, Ludwig-Donau-Main-Kanal, with „Kanalratz“ (sewer rat)
Salzburg Austria

Following the escape route of Lola Montez from 1848 we decided to travel to the Bodensee (Lake Constanze) and to visit 3 countries in one day. Using the Deutschlandticket we took the first train early in the morning and went to Lindau, Bavaria.

We came through the well Known holiday town Oberstaufen with the mountain Säntis during dawn.

Then we arrived in still calm Lindau early in the morning.

We walked along the harbor road and enjoyed the sun slowly rising behind the lighthouse.

We had a nice breakfast in the “Bayerischer Hof” at the harbor of Lindau with the famous, iconic harbor entrance with the Bavarian Lion and the Lighthouse.


We took the early boat to Rorschach, Switzerland after we heard the ship-bell ring and hurried on board of the ship “München”. We bought the ticket on board as the office in the harbor was not open yet.

The security on board was checked as usual and the sound too. We landed in the harbor of Wasserburg (at Lake Constanze)

Lola Montez, 1848 however rode on Ludwig I, the first fast Bavarian Steamboat on the lake. The boat took a special detour that day and was directed to Romanshorn, Switzerland. The good people of Lindau gave Lola a friendly farewell, other than the rebels in Munich. From here Lola continued to Zurich.

Steamboat Ludwig I. already had a problematic launch 1937. The wooden sledge broke and it had to be towed into the water by another ship. After suffering from a collisions 1941, ist had another perilous one 1961: 13 people and 11 heads of cattle killed. The ship could be salvaged but could not longer be used in a compatable way. It was later sold for the scrap value. A picture is visible in the lighthouse Museum



and more people boarded the boot. Then we crossed the big Bodensee. Some of the remaining fog on the Swiss side created a nice atmosphere.


We disembarked in Rorschach, went on a short walk through the modern town with the train-station directly next to the harbor. We visited the “Reformierte Evangelische Kirche” (church) built 1904 in neo-gothic style with one of the biggest bells in Switzerland. And with the character of an old castle.



Then we decided to take the next ship directly to Bregenz, Austria on another ship under Swiss Flag.

The ship was followed by some bugging bugs, maybe coming from the open sewage in Rorschach.


Coming in from the West we saw the influx of the Rhine River into the Bodensee.

Then we passed the famous concert arena in Bregenz. We disembarked at lunchtime together with many other people from other ships which all arrived at the same time. We to our surprise learned, that a big amateur sports event was taking place that very day.


With the finishing line in the Arena Bregenz, the “Dreiländermarathon”. As we went through 3 countries, we thought we were at the right place.


On the walk over the quay to the arena we came across a ship rental and of course the swarm insisted to rent one of the electro boats. This way we could get closer to the Arena Bregenz on the seaside and get even more photos and videos with rhythm and music.

Back in the harbor we continued our walk to the arena where we could get a glimpse inside on an open entrance up on the stands. Maybe not the best place to meet as construction was going on but more than enough for us.


After all the excitement, after walking to the train station which is built new in Bregenz and checking the timetable we leaned, that there was a good connection to Munich with a Swiss Euro city Train soon. We invested in another train ticket and went in style to Munich.

-We enjoyed the comfort and dialect spoken in the train




-and a rare “Bündner Nut Cake” which we know as “Engadiner” Nut Cake. It can be bought in Caffee Luitpold in Munich too.

We arrived in Munich on time and took some more pictures of the slick train from outside.


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Rhein-Main-Donau-Kanal, Ludwig-Donau-Main-Kanal, with „Kanalratz“ (sewer rat)
Salzburg Austria