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The Nude Dude, „Nackerter Lackl”

Brown Coal Power Station Neurath

As the swarm’s possibilities to travel are limited at the moment and live is getting even more boring without the aprentice, we decided, to visit one of the many interesting historic sites in Munich. We visited the site were 1942 a not much liked piece of art was set up by the Nazis. (“Freikorpsdenkmal”) It showed an about 10 m high naked man who was strangling a snake. Not many people joined the exposure and the monument was called “Nackerter Lackl” (Nude Dude) by the mocking local population. The monument was fortunatel destroyed after WWII by the American Army. Another piece of art was set up later.

We felt sorry for the poor, strangled snake and tried to find out what happened to it. And we maybe found it today at the “Veterinarian Institute” in Munich Schwabing.

We went through the “Englischer Garten” in Munich and enjoyed the nice atmosphere of the last moments of a colorful sunset. Together with many other pedestrians.

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Brown Coal Power Station Neurath