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Trolley Line Nr. 8 MVG Museum

Go Hogs, Wild Hogs go, Fursty Razorbacks, football
Atlas, Max Emanuel in Italy; flight to Napoli; Franz Josef Strauß

Play this famous song of Weiß Ferdl (1948)

A nice piece if you want to learn how to Insult people in Bavarian.

The MVG Museum is operated by a club, the „Freunde des Münchner Trambahnmuseums e. V.« (FMTM) und »Omnibusclub München e. V.« (OCM).” Often friendly retired enthusiastic former male staff members, pilots and conductors who know the exhibits well. It is open only at selected dates and last time I was there it was during the “Lange Nacht der Museen” (joint event of many museums in town)

Visitors are welcome with one of the most iconic folk songs in Bavaria, “Ein Wagen von der Linie 8” of famous comedian, actor and singer Weißferdl. (Ferdinand Weisheitinger). A iconic tribute to the trolleys in Munich.

Born in Altötting (famous pilgrimage town and burial site for body parts of the Wittelsbacher)

He appeared on stage of the inn “Am Platzl” which he operated himself 1921 and other than famous competitor Karl Valentin cooperated and supported the NAZIS. But he later also had to do some short time after he mocked Göring. He is commemorated with a memorial at the “Viktualienmarkt” Munich. As after trials after WWII his car was seized by the Americans (he was the last artist who had a car) he had to use the notorious Line 8 to get to work.

The song shows a lot of the atmosphere in the overkrauted trolleys of the Munich puplic transport system, the differences of the friendly local people of Munich and the “Zuagroaste” (people who moved to beautiful Munich from Prussia, and commuters from Swabia.

The song contains fake news as it never served the “Nordfriedhof” (Northern Cemetery which the friendly conductor suggest as final station for the kind old lady suffering from a stroke after she missed her connection to line 19 to the “Max Weber Platz” at the „Stachus„. Line 19 is the only trolley line in the song which still exists and which is a great line if you want to see a lot of the pretty old town of Munich with a lot of Wittelsbacher memorials.

The „Nordfriedhof was served by trolley line 6, now subway line Nr. 6. You can check that at the giant electronic board in the Museum.


Sheila and I shared a coffee and cake in the cantina of the Museum.


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Go Hogs, Wild Hogs go, Fursty Razorbacks, football
Atlas, Max Emanuel in Italy; flight to Napoli; Franz Josef Strauß

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