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Bird Island

La Digue

As Sheilas motto is „there is always a smaller Island to got to“ we also went to another spectacular Island „Bird Island„. It is a private run Island and small Resort and the owner takes good care of it. There is a small sandy airfield on it and Sheila had to check twice for turtle holes on the runway before we could land with the four passenger plane (regular service by Air Seychelles).

Bird Island is also home of the worlds biggest, heaviest and oldest turtle, „Esmeralda“. The cuisine on the Island was excellent and stylish. The rooms/cabins/huts are kept open and birds keep flying underneith the open roof. About 750.000 sea swallows breed here during season and make the fitting noise.  There are Tropical Birds there too and turtles are breeding on the island. Swimming is limited, most of the water close to the shore before the reef ist pretty shallow. Fishing is popular here, I saw a lot of fancy fishing equipment in front ot the cabins. While searching for nesting turles I got a sun stroke although I was wearing a hat. But that was luck because I didn’t notice too much of our almost crash landing back in Mahe due to wind shear. Must have been quite a sight as other travellers in the airport who watched told us.

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