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Garden Allotment, Kleingartenparzelle

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The blue ribbon of Spring is fluttering in the wind again and sweet

wellknown odors are roaming through the country (freely translated from Eduard Mörike’s famous poem).

We also wellcome new member of the swarm „Wiggerl“ (short for Ludwig, looking like iconic, fairytale king  Wittelsbacher King Ludwig II. The Mad)

So it is time again to go out into the “Kleingartenanlagen / Schrebergärten” (compounds with small garden allotments) and to clean up after the winter and to plant new flowers and to” straighten things out in the gardens and not to be discredited by the neighbors. “Kleingärten” are strictly regulated in Germany by several laws (like the “Kleingartengesetz”) and local regulations. Providing “Kleingärten” for the growing population in the cities started at the beginning of the 19’th century and until today keeps the pantries of the hardworking “Kleingärtner” filled and the air in the cities cleaner.

So Sheila had to control if the hedge in the controlled “Parzelle” (one garden) did not surpass the allowed height of 1.80 m, else she would have had to call in the officials.


And Sheila found this dangerous cable running across the walkway which she of course also had to report.

Sheila also met a good friend of the “Kleingärtner”, the Hedgehog who enjoys the nature in such a garden in dedicated areas in the meanwhile overpopulated German towns. Often at the side of train tracks.

There is a lot of pressure now on those compounds as building grounds are getting so expensive in German towns now. Another good friend of the “Kleingärtner” is the “Gartenzwerg (garden midget, popular collector item) but do not underrate the kind looking little fellows, they got their dark sides too and don’t hesitate to shock innocent rubber ducks.

And “Kleingärtner” are also very creative when it comes to turning swords to plowshares.

  1. Credit: Maps Icons Collection,


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Ejection Seat Training with Big Rocket Man
Pilot Roger Clarence Over