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JoJo in Bora Bora, Sling and Piña Colada

Marina Bay Sands, Rooftop Pool, Tubby
Bavarian Brotzeit and Beer

Sheila joined me on a day full of pleasure on Sentosa Island, Singapore. We started the day form Harbour Bay with the impressive mountain cableway up on Mount Faber which is still on Singapore Island facing Sentosa Island.

The biggest altitude spaned by one single leg of a Gondula Cableway however is at the Zugspitze, Germany which Sheila of course has also visited.

We enjoyed the great view overlooking both the skyline of Singapore and Sentosa Island. We checked out more mountain cableways on Sentosa Island and visited some of the major sites there, like the nice fountains and the gigantic Merlion.

We ended in the Bora Bora Bar at the Bora Bora beach indulging once again in the world of booze and some Tiger beer, a Singapore Sling and for the picture a Piña Colada  cocktail. While sipping our drinks

in the bar we noticed a big Iguana who lived below the porch of the bar and who was thirsty too and came out to drink but maybe because of still being a minor he only got some water from a plant tub. Sheila of course had to get a selfie with the pretty creature which as we learned was named JoJo by the local people. It did not stay there drinking for long but long enough to get another Iguano picture in Singapore.

We also documented, that attractive Duck Lips are not limited to Ducks but I can’t show that here.


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Marina Bay Sands, Rooftop Pool, Tubby
Bavarian Brotzeit and Beer