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Kölner Dom

Munich Again Summer in the City
Ulm High Tower

The construction of the “Kölner Dom” started 1248 and was mostly finished 1880 in a period of national enthusiasm under Prussian rule, Emperor Wilhelm I. As a building like that needs permanent sustentation it is never completely finished and a special company was created which takes care for that. (Dombauhütte) It is also sponsored and supported by the proud Domverein (cathedral club). The “Kölner Dom”, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage is Germany’s most visited tourist site. It is said that when the Dom is finished the world will come to an end. Good thing it needs permanent sustentation that means there is hope for all of us. The Dom in gothic style puts up the reliquaries of the Three Holy Kings which were given to the Dom in the 12’th century by emperor Friedrich Barbarossa. (Staufer Dynasty).

The Dom also features the famous giant bell “Decke Pitter” (Dicker Pitter, Fat Pete)

As I explained Sheila the function of the Gargoyles statues at the “Ulmer Münster” Sheila was no longer scared and thouroughly explored the statues.

The bishopric of Cologne was long ruled by bishops of the Wittelsbacher Dynasty.

We adopted Clemens August who we found in the souvenir shop of the Cologne cathedral. The relics of the Three Wise Men (or Kings) were not available, those relics tend to be stolen frequently. Clemens August has some problem with his eyes and a certificate of disability.


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Munich Again Summer in the City
Ulm High Tower

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