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Local Lisa in Lisbon, All Saint’s Day

Madeira, Portugal
Portugal, Lisbon

Lisa, living in Lisbon agreed to pose for a picture at the shore of the Tejo river in front of the famous bridge “Ponte 25 de April” across the Tejo river. Lisa calls the bridge simply by it’s much shorter nickname Ponte.



As we are approaching the All Saint’s Day, Sheila got the inspiration to consider the good old tradition of cannibalism.

We remembered our trip to Lisbon where they had the famous bad earthquake on All Saint’s Day 1755 which effected all of Europe. Casanova in his prison far away in Venice mentioned it, Goethe who experienced it as a child was influenced by it, Immanuel Kant and Voltaire. It had big influence on religion and philosophy in the era of Enlightenment. The event started with the earthquake in the Atlantic Ocean on All Saint’s day with thousands of people in the churches being knocked dead or hurt during church mass by the collapsing churches. It was triggered close to the Portuguese shores and the following Tsunami effected all coastal settlements in Portugal but also all around the Atlantic. The stakes for the pyres of the inquisition in Lisbon were already set up for the entertainment at that holiday when the following Tsunami struck.

Heretics and witches were burned on central places. Here is, how they worked out if somebody was a witch by using a Duck in the old days. (deducktive reasoning)

Because candles were lighted everywhere that day they were toppled and a big firestorm broke out in Lisbon. In the chaos of the following days it is presumed that events of cannibalism took place in town.

Sheila also became hungry when she came across this masterpiece of patisserie.




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Madeira, Portugal
Portugal, Lisbon