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Paulaner Nockherberg

Castle Linderhof
Cableway Gondola Collision, Zugspitze Mountain

The Nockherberg is a hill on the right side of the Isar river in the town of Munich with some nice views overlooking Munich and it puts up a very popular beer garden with a nice fountain commemorating “Franz von Paola” whose name appears in the brewery’s name with a bust but also a big inn and restaurant and a modern multi -functional hall for all kinds of events.

We did sent specialist boozehound Duckdidu to do the documentation, here visible on one of his self set assignments which he could not accomplish.

The old rundown building burned down in an arson event but the culprit was never caught, a damage of 30 million Deutsch Mark 1999 for the insurance companies. The brewery “Paulaner” used to be nearby in the “Au” but moved to the suburb Langwied 2016. A new, small brewery was opened though on the Nockherberg recently, more for nostalgic reasons and to add to the atmosphere on the Nockherberg.

Most important event in the house is the famous “Starkbieranstich” (tapping of the first barrel of strong beer, strong beer festival) which traditionally starts the lent season in spring before eastern.

The event is broadcasted on TV all over Germany and includes a lot of political cabaret, kind of like the Central Roast show in the USA, but here in Munich the politicians are mocked. But not being part of the show is a shame too.

As many kinds of food are traditionally forbidden during lent season in Christian communities the clever Paulaner monks who were always committed to vegan food found their ways to get through this time of deprivation. Drinking beer was allowed so they brewed more beer for this season. Later some clever business man after buying the brewery after the Secularization brewed a beer with twice as much alcohol for the season and received the support of Wittelsbacher king Ludwig I. Several extra strong beers for this season are now brewed by different breweries. The names of those strong beers often end with …ator (Salvator (the original of Paulaner), Patronator, Triumphator, … so be careful if you try one of these). As one objective of fasting is to get new visions the strong beer seems to be a good way to get such visions. And the Bible for example only says, Moses did not drink water forty days. Beer might also give you the power to walk across water as it is said that Franz walked across the „Strait of Messina„.

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Castle Linderhof
Cableway Gondola Collision, Zugspitze Mountain

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