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St. Martin Caribbean

Paris, France, "Sonstwo"

Immediately after the private trip in the plane with Sheila flight captain “Roger Clarence Over” was deployed on a Caribbean tour to St. Martin. St. Martin is partly part of the Netherlands and partly of France. The tales have it, the division was made by a race between a French and Dutch walker who were equipped with different supplies. While the Fresh took wine for their walk, the Dutch took Gin which caused the French part to be bigger than the Dutch.

The airport of St. Martin is famous and notorious because the runway starts directly at the beach of the Caribbean Sea and the big planes land and start directly over the head of the beach dwellers, who if they want can enjoy the thrill of the jet propulsion and hang on to the fence. Silvia, a stewardess was on the tour too and had a short break on St. Martin.

Credit: Maps Icons Collection,

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Paris, France, "Sonstwo"