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49. Hornschlittenrennen Bavarian Championship

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After Marianne bawled Michael out (german: Marianne ist mit Michael Schlitten gefahren) by leaving him alone in Germany after an argument while she went to Myanmar, Michael decided to do his own thing too and to go on a sledge ride with adventures Sheila. And what better opportunity could they find than joining the 49. Bavarian Hornschlitten Championship in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. But they found out, that a crew of 4 sledge riders is needed to participate in the race but they had fun no matter.

The race was shown in the news on TV too (starts at 10 min and 30 seconds). One of the quotes here is remarkable, also for modern management: „Wenn ma de Richtung ham na failt nix“ (if we are heading in the right direction, everything is fine)

Sheila and me appear in the news too, very small, in the background. (11 min, and the first tenth of the 10’th second)

The event was startet by the „Partenkirchner Alphornbläser„.

The type of sledges used were those which in the old days where deployed to bring down the hay from the mountain pastures stored in  mountain barns in summer and braught down to the village in winter times.

Hornschlittenrennen is serious, sometime dangerous sports organised in clubs and there is a series of races all over Germany and other countries. Not all sledges made it to the finish , some of the participants were hurt, some crashes happened and some spectacular jumps took place. A great event Sheila could not miss.

To the great pleasure of the abundant present fans, (many from Garmisch-Partenkirchen), a home team won:

(36) D´Unheimlich Feirigen Garmisch Maurer, Bernhard / Bader, Josef / Ostler, Anton / Ostler, Bernhard

Sheila congratulates the winners and thanks all participants for the great event and hopes that they will have a great party tonight and that the injured will recover soon.

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