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Following Lola Montez to Romanshorn, Switzerland

“This” (Non Grata) Countess Larisch (Wallersee) , Tegernsee
Ducks On D-LZFN, Bodensee, “Welcome Japan”

While preparing for a trip with a new Zeppelin starting from Friedrichshafen at Lake Constanze (Bodensee) the swarm continued to follow the traces of Lola Montez. We, like Lola 1848 went to Romanshorn, Switzerland with a regular ferry. While Lola could enjoy an extra tour on Ludwig. Starting from Lindau.

Sheila did the regular safety checks.

King Ludwig provided for a detour to Romanshorn in favor of Lola Montez as the normal route was from Lindau to Rorschach. Some say women on board cause bad luck.


Indeed, steamboat Ludwig was involved in several accidents and had to be broken up.

A severe tragedy was caused by the Swiss Navy, by the Steamboat “Zürich”, the “Teufelsschiff” (ship of the devil).

It collided with the “Ludwig” during a foggy night and caused it to sink. Killing 13 people and several livestock. Only two members of the crew and the Captain on board of the “Ludwig” survived.

Conductor Sebastian Hinterhuber was lucky too. He, after an intense visit of a Pup, enjoying the good, healthy Bavarian Beer, was not on board and missed the start of this day’s trip.

The crew of the Zürich noticed some minor damage on the Zürich. But neither what it had done to ship “Ludwig” nor the alarming sound of the bell of the sinking “Ludwig”.

Some stated later, after the “Zürich” had done more damage, suggested to sell the “Zürich” to the Danish Navy as the “Zürich” alone destroyed more Bavarian ships than the whole Danish and English fleet together.

Our Ludwig of course joined on our trip together with the mysterious chick Lolita and tried to stage a romantic lunch on board for his girl. (typical Bavarian White Sausage, White Beer, Brezel)


But the spoiled lady was not pleased with the cheap treat. She expected Surf and Turf and Champagne. Ludwig said: „Wenn es um Geld geht, bist Du fürchterlich.“ (when money is involved, you are terrible)

In the end the swarm had to put her to the pillory to teach her a lesson.

The swarm however enjoyed the big Swiss harbor. And had a blast when we saw the New Motorship “Zürich” in the harbor of Romanshorn.

We visited the Catholic Church St. John.

We had an excellent lunch, soup, chicken with Spätzle (Swabian noodles) and a good Schwarzwälder Kirsch Cake as desert.

The harbor is conveniently situated next to the train station on the route to Zürich.

And could get the information, where to buy a “Bündner Nußkuchen” or “Engadiner Nuß” (Nut Cake, Tarte with Nuts and Honey). We learned: they sell those in any regular supermarket in Switzerland. While they are a rare, expensive delicacy in Germany.


Can you read the words “Hafenstadt Romanshorn”  above the Bahnhofstraße?

We were glad, to see the new “Zürich” still moored to the pier when we boarded our ferry “Friedrichshafen” back to Friedrichshafen.

Captain Thomas helped to navigate out of the narrow harbor entrance.

On our way back we saw our Airship for the next day. Which we did not know at that point.

On board we also saw a flyer advertising the German criminal series: WAPO Bodensee (water police)


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“This” (Non Grata) Countess Larisch (Wallersee) , Tegernsee
Ducks On D-LZFN, Bodensee, “Welcome Japan”