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“This” (Non Grata) Countess Larisch (Wallersee) , Tegernsee

E 69 04 “Johanna”, LAG 04 + "Adolphine" 169 005-6 (E 69 05)
Following Lola Montez to Romanshorn, Switzerland

As we mentioned Countess Marie Louise von Larisch-Wallersee before,


we followed the traces of this pretty women to the Tegernsee. We went to Rottach-Egern where she possessed a house for some time. “Villa Valerie” Auntie Empress Elizabeth Of Austria, (Sisi, Duchess In Bavaria) visited Marie Louise here 1888.

Sisi was at the Tegernsee several times, went swimming and scratched the windows of the house of her cousin on a pasture nearby together with her sister with diamond rings. Later, Nice and friend of Sisi, poor “pas comme il faut” (daughter of an actress) Marie Louise Larisch-Wallersee (a good equestrian too) was expelled from the Habsburger and Wittelsbacher Family because of her involvement in the Mayerling Affair. Son of Sisi, crown prince Rudolf, was suffering from depression and sexual transmittable disease and his strict father Emperor Franz Josef. He shot his young mistress, Mary Vetsera. (“the little Vetsera” 17 years old), likely with her agreement as a newfound letter seem to prove.

And Rudolf committed suicide. Countess Marie Louise had helped to provide for the contact of the 16-year-old Mary with Rudolf. Rudolf paid for bills of big spender Duchess Marie Louise, so she owed him favors.

Marie Louise later had to sell the house in Rottach-Egern, lived in the USA for some time and died in poverty in Augsburg. Only receiving a small pension from the House Wittelsbach.

She is buried in a simple but cared for grave on the Ostfriedhof Munich next the grave of her Father “Louis”, Duke in Bavaria.

The house in Rottach-Egern was distinctly enlarged later and now serves as city hall.

We came at a warm, sunny day, the density of Ferrari and Porsche Drop Tops was high that day. And we loved the contrast of the Horses today and in the old times.



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E 69 04 “Johanna”, LAG 04 + "Adolphine" 169 005-6 (E 69 05)
Following Lola Montez to Romanshorn, Switzerland