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Friday, Future, Do not Fry Duck in the Future

Schiefer Turm von Bad Frankenhausen
Barbarossa Cave, Kyffhäuser

I started this day, which might turn out to be an important day for future, walking to the subway station and was almost hit by a SUV car, driven by a mother who took her dear munchkin to school in the morning. I watched the teenager climbing out of the depths of the huge car and at the same time noticed other teenagers throwing their cigarette butts on the walkway after finishing smoking ahead of starting their classes. When we got down into the subway station we heard the familiar “we regret that due to operational disorder the subway will be late and that the operator is sorry. But the next (overloaded) train than came earlier than announced after I entered the train in the opposite direction to get another connection. But we had a great day later as we joined the Fridays for Future demonstration today. But of course we set up our own demonstration and demonstrated for

“Do not Fry Ducks in the Future”.

We checked out the gathering place for the huge demonstration which was the “Königsplatz in Munich”, enjoyed the live music and waited an hour for the official march to start. It was quite cold outside today but all people looked happy and seemed to have fun. This is when our private demonstration started as planned. Instead of eating a meat lunch we decided to have a more environmental friendly Blackforst Cake and a Luitpold cake in the Luitpold coffee along the way of the march in the Brienner Straße. As it was cold, only very few people were sitting outside. The Blackforest cake came just right in time when the 40.000 demonstrators started to walk by. More grown up people than pupils passed us close by. Mayby the younger once were busy whith queueing for buying the new IPhone 11 which starts to be sold today.

Many seemed to be quite hungry after the long time outside and kept staring at us and our cake. Some participators came into the coffee shop to enjoy the comfort of the warm and clean facilities but they did not order. Of course that is nicer but less organic than using the parks and woods outside. As the protest march was very long and lasted some time we had enough time to enjoy our cake and drink, to pay, and then to participate too. Sheila joined and our sustainable latex ducks Franzl, Wolferl (Sissi too but she did not wanted her photo taken). Sheila joined the march herself.

We noticed many environmental friendly cyclers and electric scooter drivers driving on the walkways to get along faster.


Credit: Maps Icons Collection, t


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Schiefer Turm von Bad Frankenhausen
Barbarossa Cave, Kyffhäuser

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