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Mexico Nuevo Laredo+Tijuana

Haiti is the poorest country of the western hemisphere and frequently suffers from earthquakes (like the bad one from 2010), massive deforestation and loss of fertile ground and epidemics. Haitis economic Situation is problematic  but since new mineral resources (like Gold) have been recently discovered there is some hope. A lot of food has to be imported and international help is needed. Biggest Problem however still is massive corruption.

It was not better at the time when we went here, coming in from the Dominican Republic with a local operator who knew the country very well. The tour was well organised and always save. We visited the most important sites, the Citalle and Castle Sanssouci, a copy of Prussian King Friedrich II. castle in Berlin. Haiti has some cruise ship passengers from the USA, but not too many and some nice beaches.




I recently had the chance to buy one of the products of the island, a excellent bottle of Rum and to support the country.  It has no piquancy at all as other schnapps but a very find fruity taste. (54%) Kind of dangerous.


Haiti Citadelle Laferrière

The Citadelle is situated above the Palace Sans Souci,  both a UNESCO world cultural heritage.


Haiti Cathedral Notre Dame


 nice, well preserved Cathedral Notro Dame.

Haiti Mont Joli Hotel



Cap Haïtien


Monument Heros de Vertieres








Cathedral of Notre Dame and statue of Jean-Jacques Dessalines








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Mexico Nuevo Laredo+Tijuana