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Millennial Reign going down the drain

First Duck with Master Bockert; Beavers back in Bavaria
Ducks doing first Drive with Deutschlandticket; 01.05.2023.

The swarm was doing another trip to the “Chiemsee” lake in Bavaria early this spring. Not many tourists here so early. We wanted to enjoy the clean air and water.

We again started the boat trip at Prien.

(older picture taken at a sunnier day)

(Painting: Randolf Wehn)

Update 21.05.2023 The tourist season is accellerating and the weather is nicer today. So more Ducks were out in the street of the little town today. This picture just arrived here:

We again visited the nice Castle Herrenchiemsee of King Ludwig II. (called The Mad, but that is not true) We learned that there is only one picture of Louis XVI and his wife Mary Antoinette in the castle but not visible for the tourist. Louis was the godfather of King Ludwig I. of Bavaria. Grandfather of Ludwig II.

Louis XVI’th (France) reign was cut short by the French Revolution.

Wittelsbacher Ludwig II. of Bavaria (* 25. August 1845) preferred to have dinner with Louis XIV († 1. September 1715) of France.

The castle was not accomplished but the Mirror Hall is a little bigger than the one in Versailles. The plans to build 300 m long side wings remained plans.

Castle and park had electric light set up by techno nerd Ludwig II.

And there was a power plant on the island, one of the first at that time like the one in Castle Linderhof.

We continued to the “Fraueninsel” with the old monastery (Frauenwörth).

With a nice, old church.

Nostalgic Yodel music came to our mind. From late Jodler-Beppi from the Schliersee. Some millennial old lime trees are reigning the highest point of the little island which is the smallest village with the highest density of Inns in Germany.

The village got its own little ferry boat.


We had a nice cake here (though no Blackforest Cake, but one which was looking like a Battenberg cake.

Which is the feature cake of the Fullerton in Singapore). Now, with the coming coronation in Britain a nice reminiscence.

We stumbled over several Millennial old facts. Like more old Lime Trees. Access is restricted to protect the trees.

Though called Millennial trees, they are probably far from 1.000 years and will go down the drain much earlier.

Our Ludwig enjoyed the first blooming flowers with his favorite colors.

Of course, we got us some typical, healthy souvenirs.

Some days later we went to the Isar River Channel and the “Wenzbach”.

at the Floßkanal (raft channel, also called Länzbach)


Nearby the Großhessloher Bridge. An impressive railroad bridge with a track for bicycles and a walkway on the lower deck.

Where another Millennial Reign and journey went down the drain. And several of Hitlers Generals.

After a detour via Munich Ostfriedhof (crematory, cemetery)

Some cut short the way, maybe with the words:  There is another nice mess you have gotten me into.


We had an excellent roasted pork lunch at the Isar Raft Channel. In the Inn Hinterbühl. And some Bavarian beer with it. Which was better than water.

Sometimes you don’t want to be a fish.


Sheila of course again did all the necessary safety checks.

To wrap up the story, our villains went to Nuremberg and visited famous hall 600.

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First Duck with Master Bockert; Beavers back in Bavaria
Ducks doing first Drive with Deutschlandticket; 01.05.2023.