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Oxen versus Camels

Maasholm, Baltic Sea

10.05.2018 The „Burschenverein“ Taufkirchen, who celebrates his 125 anniversary staged a traditional Ox Race in Taufkirchen, close to Munich. Well, it maybe wasn’t completely traditional as for the first time on earth Oxen also raced against Camels. „Du Kamel“ is a traditional Insult as well as „Du Ochs“. Maybe due to appointments and preparations of many Bavarian Oxens for the Oktoberfest in Munich not enough Oxens were available. The jockeys on the Camels appeared with helmets, the „Burschen“ on the Oxen braved the challenge traditionally without any protection. The undisciplined Camels started to eat the bales of straw which separated the different race lanes at the start while the oxen were focused on the race. The camels were defeated by the Oxen, Ox Team number 8 won. Other than written in the newspaper, focused great athlete Ox Maxl was ahead straight from the start.

Winner was Maxl with the Team number 8.





Michael insisted to fuel up before the race in the set up beer tent at the Arena (panem et circenses) and we shared a excellent Ayinger beer. By that we missed out on getting a place in the front row of the race track at the wooden barrier.

The race caused some contoversy with animal right activists like the PETA organisation, who loves animals , and a official state vetenerian had to be on the spot to assure that the animals were not going to suffer from any harm. In the final the two Camels and Oxens were seperated by a extra set up barrier tape which was useless as the Camels were so much slower than the Oxens and there was no chance for any intercourse. For the Oxens who are not used to stay outside in the sun for some hours a tent had to be set up to provide for shades for the poor creatures.


Other than for the Oxen the brass band „Ludwig Thoma Musikanten“ had to perform without shade under the brutal sun but if you find yourself playing in a Bavarian Brass Band first thing you learn (like the Camels) is to find a saving oasis to cool down from inside and to keep your lips humid.


And that’s what the Camels, the sore losers, think about the Oxens after they were defeated.

The ladies of course on the race track showed up with their fanciest hats like in Ascot and made taking pictures difficult.

Betting was possible too, we put our Money on John Rambo, Nr. 4 as he kept staring at Michael ahead of the race, who joined me at this Event, and had this brutal gleem in his eyes. But despite his promising American name he had no significant rating in the foreruns and did not make it into the finals. I hope to see him again in the „Ochsenbraterei„. The athlets were allowed to dope with beer, the excellent Ayinger beer was served on the spot.

 We braught home a souvenir for Sheila and our betting ticket.

The event of course appeared in the news and I found myself and Michael in my hand photographed on the picture of this news article.

This picture

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Ox Maxl returned in his triumphal march during the 1.5 km long parade of the Taufkirchener Burschenverein and invited other Burschenvereine from Bavaria who were invited to join. Another picture book Bavarian event.


Instead of cheering Maxl through Michal shouted: “Memento moriendum esse!” with the coming Oktoberfest in mind and the Ochsenbraterei.





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Maasholm, Baltic Sea