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Robber Kneißl, Kneißl battle

Kaisheim Abbey, Prison
Go Hogs, Wild Hogs go, Fursty Razorbacks, football

Mathias Kneißl 1875-1902 “Hias” was one of Bavaria’s iconic villains who is commemorated in folk songs, movies and in stories. He was injured badly in the “Kneißl battle”, caught, they thought he would die, a priest was called, but then healed (zuagricht – hergricht – hingricht) and executed. The capture of Hias became known as the Kneißl battle at the “Aumacheranwesen in Geisenhofen at Aufkirchen“ (farm) where 60 policemen were deployed (other sources say more than 100) and 1500 shots were counted to have been fired on Hias. I know that sounds like a calm tee break in some nations today but at that time it was a hell lot of ammunition.

Descendent from a poor family, his father dying early shot by the police and his mother put to prison he never had a chance in life so had to poach for food. He was hunted (a warrant of apprehension with a reward of 1000 Mark was issued)

for some time by the police after the carpenter (who was no longer allowed to work after a minor crime and People mocking him and having to do time in „Monastery Kaisheim“ Prison Kaisersheim in a former big monastery) and poacher and then robber killed two police officers going after him. He escaped by riding his bicycle and a tourist bicycle route after some controversy. The route therefor is named after him.

The small craft brewery in Maisach brews an excellent beer which carries Kneißl’s name, Räuber Kneißl Dunkel. The nice and cozy inn Maisach next to the brewery also operates a small museum in the basement telling the story of Räuber Kneißl.

The inn offers great food , Bavarian atmosphere and of course the good beer.

Hias also one time hided and escaped from the police by dipping and diving into a barrel full of manure which can be seen in the museum as well as the bike. He used his famous trippel barreled shotgun when he shot the policemen.


Kneißl’s appeal for clemency was declined by kind representative of the good old times of the late Bavarian kingdom, Wittelsbacher Prinzregent Luitpold Of Bavaria. (icon of the good old times)

So on the morning of the day he was picked up to be guillotined in “Augsburg” (where we went too, to accomplish the story with a Blackforest Cake) on a mobile guillotine (here is how it works)

legends have it, Hias said the famous words: “De Woch fangt scho guat o“ (that’s a bad start for this week)

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Kaisheim Abbey, Prison
Go Hogs, Wild Hogs go, Fursty Razorbacks, football