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Schliersee, Actor Xaver Terofal, With Top Ducks, King Ludwig II., Adolf Hitler

Garden Fare „Bayerische Landesgartenschau 2024“ Kirchheim Heimstetten
Battle of Hohenlinden, Following Xaver Terofal in Dorfen, Hogs

May 2024

The two Top Ducks, Ludwig and Franz Josef went to the “Schliersee” to take aside Ronald D. to have some frank talk with him. They told him, it’s no good idea to risk a dynasty just to indulge in some short, stormy sexual pleasures.



But all had a good time at the Schliersee visiting the place where Wittelsbacher King Ludwig II. was leaning towards the old Limetree. The tree during its live time had already seen the reign of all Wittelsbacher Bavarian kings. Although it was damaged by a lightning stroke. We could take more than one deep relaxing breath below the Old Lime Tree next to the old Yinyard. (Weinberg). Maybe the highest in Germany and a “Steillage” but probably illegal.


Next to Chappel St. Georg.

The Town “Schliersee” is another picture book Bavarian village at the Lake Schliersee and needs to be protected against too greedy investments. We came just in time to support the citizen consultation this past weekend.

As there is another controversial memorial at this place, (Adolf Hitler; Hermann Göring who wanted to seize the neighboring Tegernsee all for himself) were here too), we were once again reminded, that the Beauty and the Beasts are often next to each other. The memorial reminds of another war 1921 in the aftermath of WWI. Between Germany and Poland. With the “Freikorps Oberland” (Volunteer Corps) involved.

King Ludwig II. was here much earlier for a wedding party. Leaning at the old Lime Tree which has seen all kings of the Wittelsbacher Dynasty.

Famous citizen of the town was Xaver Terofal, a famous actor who started acting even before  the silent movie time, was one of the founders ot the Schliersseer Bauerntheater. (Theater, the archetype of this kind of theaters still operating today). He was born in Dorfen.

He first had to learn the decent professions of butcher and brewer and opened several Inns where he soon later started theater plays. (developing the idea of a Bavarian „Brettl“, kind of like a Dinner Theatre).

Then he founded the famous „Schlierseer Bauerntheater“ (theatre house) and opened an Inn and Hotel next to it. The architype of such theatres in Bavaria.

The theatre building with the vineyard in the Background.

The theatre was in the headlines again just some weeks ago. One actress unfortunatly passed away and a replacement was needed. Celebrity Monika Gruber was picked up in a beer tent and took over the job. Unfortunately the play is sold out now.

I was trying to buy a ticket but was too late.

Unfortunately the restaurant had a rest day. So my plans to have lunch there failed.

But we had excellent Weißwürscht at the lake.

And enjoyed the lovely flowers all over.

Remarkable about the theatre company is, that they played successful in many foreign countries. Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia…., they even toured in the USA 1935 – 1936. They appeared in Chicago and at the New York Metropolitan Opera.

Terofal was also a good Schuhplattler dancer and Zither player.

The central place in Schliersee in front of the still operating theater and the family hotel below the Weinberg (maybe Germanys highest vineyard but not under the definition of the law) is named after Xaver Terofal.

Even more remarkable is the fact, that Xaver Terofal was among the 25 % of the passengers who survived a boat accident.

On the Tegernsee lake where 3 celebrities drowned. He was the only one, who could hold on to the capsized boat until the Fire Brigade from Tegernsee came to the rescue. 4 people were enough to play a round of cards.

Another famous citizen was poacher Jennerwein.

We were planning to cycle all the way back to Munich. But looking northward we saw dark clouds and remembered the Windsbraut. We boarded the train in still sunny Schliersee and were glad we did. As the train got into a severe hail storm on the way.



The storm caused some bad flooding up into the Flying Train Station Munich. Which cause nice effects together with the electronic advertising in the train station. But the swarm remained dry.



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Garden Fare „Bayerische Landesgartenschau 2024“ Kirchheim Heimstetten
Battle of Hohenlinden, Following Xaver Terofal in Dorfen, Hogs