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Tegernsee, oldest operating Ferry, Wittelsbacher with horses, Women in Ponds, triple boat trip,

Crossing Bridges round Munich with “Adolfine” E69-05 (169-005) Ammergaubahn
Steam Locomotive from Munich to “Bayerisches Eisenbahnmuseum“ Nördlingen

While looking for the former house of Countess Larisch, we learned about the location of another Wittelsbacher Memorial. The “Prinz-Karl-Kapelle” at the shore of the Tegernsee (lake) in the town “Tegernsee”. Wittelsbacher Prinz Karl (Carl) died here after a horseback riding accident 1875 at an age of 80.

We learned that the eastern part of the Tegernsee, also on the lake, is a very dangerous place. Because of a Strange Woman living in or at the Lake, the “Windsbraut”.

1544 a bridal couple who married in Egern (Rottach-Egern) and their 12 guests took a ferry boat from the town Tegernsee where they had the wedding party. On the way back in the night on the ferry they were surprised by a sudden, strong storm. The boat capsized and sank. Leaving 14 people dead.


The event of the accident is marked on both sides of the beautiful lake with memorial crosses (gothic style).

1891 another boat sank with 4 men on board. 3 drowned, only celebrity actor and theater director Xaver Terofal (Schlierseer Bauerntheater) could hold on to the capsized boat until he was rescued. We came across a cardboard ad of a performance of a piece in the restaurant where we had a delicious lunch and later cake.

We followed celebrity Terofal with some more trips some days later.

And were happy to see the low prices of the meals on the menu until we learned that the menu was antic.

Like the ad from the theatre. We had asparagus with fish (Saibling from the lake), no pig.  We did not pig out, only shared a glass of wine.

We too enjoyed the service of the Bavarian Navy that day. On 3 different boats.

Of course the spell of the Windsbraut and a leakage on the boat can’t stopp a good card Card Game and a Hertz-Solo of famous card players. In the picture-book Bavarian surrouding.


  • The Ferry service with rowboat from “Point” in Rottach-Egern to Tegernsee has a more than 500-year-old tradition which is still kept alive by local enthusiast. The swarm of course had to use that service. There was not much business for the Ferryman that day, most people only came to take pictures.

  • This time we could once again lese an electric boat which Sheila likes so much. And could get pictures of the rowboat ferry on the lake. And some more fowl

Wittelsbacher Castle Ringberg

  • One of the regular line boats of the Tegernsee on the way back.


Always watching the sky for upcoming dark clouds or the Windsbraut during all 3 times of sailing.

We met her severals days later.


A Triple Double maybe with Drop Tops and good food. Neither The lake nor the Windsbraut or the police did take our respectful swarm away. We did not gamble in the Casino in Bad Wiessee. The swans were busy with dating that day, showing nice flight maneuvers.

It Was A Good Day,

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Crossing Bridges round Munich with “Adolfine” E69-05 (169-005) Ammergaubahn
Steam Locomotive from Munich to “Bayerisches Eisenbahnmuseum“ Nördlingen