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Skeleton Coast Namibia

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Cultural envoy Rock Duck, normally more interested in cultural events, made a trip to Namibia and brought home many nice pictures from the Sceleton Coast. and it’s amazing wildlife.

“Deutsch Südwestafrika” 1884-1915, was a German colony, the only one with significant controlled German settlement. Other places like Tsingtau in China focused more on military interests and to get a foot into the big sales market. Of interest in Namibia was the exploitation of diamonds, copper and cattle breeding, Germany’s “Platz an der Sonne” (sunny place, Bernhard von Bülow). While Brittain and France under the agreement of the Ent-Ente Cordiale shared the rest of the Africa.

Important figure at that time was Alfons Lüderitz, the “Lüderitzbay” reminds of him. He cleverly bought land from the local population buying miles of land. But the contract did not tell about, if the scale was English or German miles which are four times as long. Of course the Germans interpreted it different which brought them 16 times more land than expected by the locals. And they had the better weapons. So kids, listen to your math teacher when he tells you the scale is important too.


Credit: Maps Icons Collection,



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Mexico Nuevo Laredo+Tijuana