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St. Adelheim. Stadelheim Prison, Cell 70

G7 Summit Elmau 2015

Because Sheila ate too much of my candy I bought in monastery “Benediktbeuren” she had to do time in prison Stadelheim (also nicknamed St. Adelheim).

No, I am just kidding, this picture was taken next door in the McGraw barracks, formerly used by the US forces in Germany after WWII, now used as police barracks but also as rehearsal space for the Nationaltheater and storage room. ( opera )


Sheila was there to pick up her dear old friend Ulrich (not Dieter, sorry, with the growing swarm I got confused) who had to do time in Stadelheim, one of Germanys most notorious prisons with the famous cell 70.

It also served as central plant for executing prisoners, also political ones during Nazi rule like the member of the “Weiße Rose” Hans und Sophie Scholl und Christoph Probst. Many illegally. Famous inmates Kurt Eisner, Graf Arco-Valley who killed Kurt Eisner, Adolf Hitler (for breach of the peace) and Ernst Röhm (who was leader of a competing Nationalistic association) all did time in the same famous cell 70. Röhm was shot here illegally but a law was passed soon later which made the event formally legal. (one sentence only)

„Die zur Niederschlagung hoch- und landesverräterischer Angriffe am 30. Juni, 1. und 2. Juli 1934 vollzogenen Maßnahmen sind als Staatsnotwehr rechtens.“ (03.07.1934, the carnage was legal as form of a state’s self devence)

It helps to be a Führer. Some executed were buried in the cemetery just next door behind a big wall. (cemetery Perlacher Forst)

Ulrich was released on probation after being sentenced for tax fraud in the duck weed business. He said he wasn’t aware he was doing something wrong and that he was a victim of circumstances and that he is no social scrounger.

Credit: Maps Icons Collection,

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G7 Summit Elmau 2015