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Cycling Tour in Munich’s South

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Doing sports outside, as long as you keep your distance, is still allowed in Germany. As I woke up early this morning 4:30 a.m. I saw a documentation about Sissi (Wittelsbacher Dynasty). I later did some research in the web and found some really interesting, exiting links. So I planned to work on my Corona Virus Crisis blog. Then at 6:30 the swarm saw the weather was going to be nice today and we spontaneously decided to make a bike tour.

Now, after we have our bikes back from Holland.

And to start early in the morning. Very few people were outside and we could take some pictures. Of course we respected, that we are not allowed to stay at public places. So we moved fast and could not even stop for a Brotzeit and something to drink.

Perlacher Forst

The Perlacher Forst (forest, park) offers several very long straight even paved roads. A paradise for roller blading or cycling, especially early in the morning. As Dieter and pilot Roger Clarence Over are unemployed at the moment they had time to join me. For safety reasons the Ducktor also joined the team and little Duckdidu.

Deininger Weiher

On the way we saw a sign which showed the way to the Deininger Weiher.(lake). As it was not too far away, we made this detour. We enjoyed the nice mirror reflections on the lake, which where only diturbed by some cruising real live Ducks.

On the way we admired a nice Duck Painting on the front wall of a house, in Ödenpullach, a tiny village.


Sheila and I were here some years ago and visited the interesting castle and museum but of course it was not open today because of the crisis. We remembered, that the castle was also used as save heavan during times of black plague in the old days. Grünwald is a nice, wealthy neighborhood and the training camp of the FC Bayern is not far away in the Säbener Str. in Munich Giesing.


The Beer Garden of Monastery Schäftlarn in normal times is a wonderful excursion by bike or even for hiking as it is about 25 km south of Munich. The trip takes you along some nice parts of the Isar River through luscious forests and it is hard to believe how much nature you find so close to the city.

The Monastery offers a nice restaurant and beer garden and spiritual support. But now the restaurant is closed, but I hope for not much longer.



Pullach Wertstoffhof Hamstern?

In Pullach, the center of the German Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND, Secret Service) and another rich suburb of Munich, we passed a strange traffic jam. I first thought it was another act of Hamstern in the Corona Crisis. But no, it was just the regular Saturday routine at the Recycling Center. Going to the Recycling Center on Saturdays is one of the view remaining pleasures during this dark times. All the environment friendly Germans pick up their still valuable resources, in Pullach maybe even an old Porsche (I passed some car shops which offered many), and put them into their Vans or SUVs and drive them to the Recycling Center and to respect recycling procedures.

The striking, dramatic situation was even mentioned in the newspapers in the meantime.


According to this news article the future of Stars of the top German soccer club FC Bayern München is unsecure. Because of the Corona Crisis. We made a detour from the Perlacher Forst nearby so we made this detour to check out the situation in the Säbener Straße Munich where the Club operates its fabulous training center. And a shop.

I was here before to buy tickets for games and had to queue up for a long time. Karl Heinz Rummenige with his sexy knees passed me while I was slowly walking up one more step to get to the ticket office. It, this time, was still looking fabulous but lonely. No player was in a queue to get some soup or begging for some change. The film business might be an alternative.

Soccer expert Edmund Stoiber also made an interesting statement:

Die entscheidenden Fehler passieren in den Vereinen vor allen Dingen auch durch die Manager. (the decisive mistakes are made by the manager of the other clubs)

Now we need more big Rettungsschirme (rescue parachutes) in the Corona Crisis.

Probably the legendary „Festgeldkonto” is still stuffed. Of course in reality there is more than one. High debts never were an option in Munich. Other than in Spain, at least in the past years. It’s hard to go without soccer for even one week but at least the FCB is again Top Of The line in the Bundesliga which is a consolation in this situation. 

Ice Cream

After our exhausting trip we came by our local ice cream parlor and thought we should reward ourselves with some scoops of ice cream. Duckdidu suggested to get a Strawberry Egg Liqueur Bowl as sometimes a drink is the only answer. Duckdidu at home insisted to add one more shot Egg Liqueur from our Corona stock because this might help to find another alternative solution. So far I have not heard about a new Ice Cream of the Year. I have a name in mind but so far keep it confidential. 


**Update 15.02.2022: I travel along here frequently on our way to the mountains. I sometimes take the 
S-Bahn S7 (City train) to Wolfratshausen or back from Wolfratshausen. Here is some bad news about an accident 
on that stage this weekend. Which shocked me. I cycled just a little bit northeast of the place this weekend.
I want to express my condolences to the victims. 


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Deer, Moose, Ducks, Swans, Frogs, Sapiens
Beaks The Revenge