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Eagle’s Nest

Chiemsee, Bavarian Sea
Jamila seeking asylum, integration

As we were in the area, we thought we should dig deeper into Germany’s dark past and visit the Berchtesgaden area with the Obersalzberg and the Eagle’s Nest (the Kehlsteinhaus). The Eagle’s Nest (here is another, nicer one) was a present of the NSDAP for Fuehrer Hitler, the Gröfaz, next to his at first holiday destination (starting 1923), later next to his headquarter close to the Obersalzberg. The ambitious construction of the road up on the Kehlstein and the building up there took only 13 months (1937, 1938, I heard people say revering to the still not finished airport in Berlin, (joking) things were better at that time. Hitler did not really like the Kehlsteinhaus, specially not the elevator as he thought it is not save enough and subject to „Blitzschlag“ (lightning stroke). The Eagle’s Nest is a very popular site and the regular busses driving up and down in convoys of maybe 4 busses at a time both directions are well organised as there is only one place where the convoys from the opposite direction can pass each other on the narrow road.

The eary tunnel to the elevator

Taking Pictures in the dangerous elevator is not permitted but I got a picture from outside at the entrance.

an old fashioned but well working and clean toilet, maybe a place where the „Fuehrer“ worked out some of his plans to bring the world to order  or whom to nominate as next judge.

Credit: Maps Icons Collection,


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Chiemsee, Bavarian Sea
Jamila seeking asylum, integration

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