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Ententraum Ducks Dream, Deutsche Bank, yellow worm
Celebrating FCB Double 2019 Meisterfeier Marienplatz

Marie Sophie went to Frankfurt to search for a solid German bank.

Next to the “Eurotower”, one of the few German, well known high-rise buildings in Frankfurt, Germany is the popular Kodak Moment (sorry I am old) Euro-Sculpture. The stars on it symbolize the founding members of the Euro currency area. With attemps to (Br) exit Europe lets hope, that in the end there wont only remain one lone star. The maintainance is expensive and controversial.

The building and Sculpture is situated at the Willy-Brand-Platz. Willy Brand was a famous German politician of the SPD party (socialist party). He joined the grand opening of the high-rise as honorary guest 1977.

From 1998 to 2014 the European Central Bank EZB moved into the building and it is now used by authorities for the supervision of banks. The ownership changed several times over the years, now it belongs to a Taiwanese insurer, Fubon Life. Germany has become attractive for international real estate investments.

But the former EZB Headquarter at this place is the reason, why the sculpture is there. Who knows, how long the Euro will be.

As the EZB moved away there was pressure to also move away the “Euro-Sculpture” from the Willy-Brand place, (even to Paris, London is no option) but it is still there as Marie Sophie found out. A second identical piece is at the Frankfurt Airport.

And here is a picture of the  old (sorry) Eurotower building in Frankfurt. It used to be  the BfG Bank before which was founded after WWII by Germanys unions to help the Unions to handle their finances and to provide cheap financial service for the union members, mostly Common Joes. The aim was not to make much profits, like usual in socialistic organisations but to help the lower class people. They almost went bankrupt and had to be saved with some state warrenties, the losses were socialised, not the bonuses, the bank was dissolved, just like the big affiliated member of the group „Neue Heimat„, founded to provide cheaper appartments in the cities.  Much of the real estate property was sold to all kinds of Investors, like the baker Horst Schiesser or US Lone Star. Some of BfG“s private business is now (after some detours) at the Santander Bank, Spain.

And here is a story about another successful banking deal between Bavaria and Austria, about the Hypo Alpe Adria.

 The new EZB building is in the background

Here are some more of the high-rise buildings in Frankfurt, with the „Commerzbank“ in the foreground and the „Deutsche Bank“ in the background to the right, I think.


But I am sure, that this picture, right shows the glorious „Deutsche Bank“.

The other building visible is the Commerzbank and I think, to the right in the background the “Deutsche Bank” building.

Ronald D. (some rumors say he is in debt with German banks like others and lost one of his jobs recently) did not wanted to join, maybe afraid of an attachment of his purse.

The trip to Frankfurt continued with a visit of the famous place in the city, the „Römer“ and visiting some of the more remote cousins who live on the Main river.


Banking in Germany at the moment is „Ganz Große Oper“ (a dramatic class of it’s own), that’s why Marie also wants to show you the splendid opera house in Frankurt.

It was dawning to Sheila, that a new sculpture should be set up in the future.

Another Munich based bank, the HypoVereinsbank HVB is now also owned by a foreign bank, Unicredit, Italy.

One of the few high-rise buildings in Munich is next to the Ducktails bar in Munich Arabellapark, which as I read is now in the Westin Grand Hotel next door. The HVB Tower appeared partly abandoned, there are some modernisation works going on at the moment.  

A big Investment for the Italian owners but interest rates are low and cheap capital easy available.

For a short time the Restaurant „Ente vom Lehel“ (which before was in the Munich Lehel as „Ente im Lehel“ was next door in the Sheraton hotel. As a bank you got to take appropiate precautions to avoid accidents at all times.


Credit: Maps Icons Collection,

And here is story about another successbanking deal between Bavaria and Austria, about the Hypo Alpe Adria.

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Ententraum Ducks Dream, Deutsche Bank, yellow worm
Celebrating FCB Double 2019 Meisterfeier Marienplatz