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Holy Mountain, Beer, No Garden

Did not make them fly yet
Hooray, 5 Swan Chicks, Swan, Beer Garden, Worries

Marianne and Michael suggested, to go on another bicycle tour. So I took the two to the Holy Mountain “Andechs” (monastery Andechs). With its important pilgrimage church (Wallfahrtskirche) St. Nikolaus und Elisabeth).

Monastery Andechs was founded by Wittelsbacher Duke Albrecht III. 1455 after the Wittelsbacher were able to take over the compound from the unlucky former mighty Dynasty “Andechs-Meraner”. After the Andechs-Meraner had been wrongly blamed to have been involved in the killing of emperor (Staufer) Phillip of Swabia by Wittelsbacher Duke Otto VIII. 1208 in Bamberg. Duke Otto was executed afterwards but the Wittelsbacher Dynasty did not suffer much sustainable harm and fortunately the Staufer rule also ended because of a lacking legitimate heir. On the way to the restaurant and church there is a big panel with the history, also with the event of the murder. Killer Otto however is not mentioned. Andechs is now the private, sheilded burial site of the Wittelsbacher family since WWII. But some family members were buried in the church before.

We usually come here ones or twice per year and enjoy the iconic, wonderful beer in the restaurant or beer garden in a picture book Bavarian landscape. We did not go into the Beer Garden or restaurant this time, because they are all closed. But we were able to buy a bottle of the beer at the monastery kiosk which we enjoyed in front of the church. As drinking of two Maß (liter) beer and driving is OK as our good Bavarian politicians tell us (Günther Beckstein, Bavarian President 2007-2008), a Halbe should not harm.  

We found a herb garden at the bottom of the castle hill,

enjoyed a sweet Brotzeit here

and enjoyed the artwork in the Garden. We showed the swarm the pictures at home.

Duckdidu was inspired to set up a health section in the garden and asked for some money to start the project. Which he received as we all were convinced, that this is a good project.

But now we have the suspicion that we were cheated.



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Did not make them fly yet
Hooray, 5 Swan Chicks, Swan, Beer Garden, Worries