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Löwenmarsch 2023, Ludwig signed by Royal Highness Ludwig

Salzburg Austria
Baden Baden 08.2023

March from castle Kaltenberg to castle Hohenschwangau

Since several years Prince Ludwig Von Bayern (Of Bavaria; Wittelsbacher) brings together a group of ambitious long distance hikers to walk from Wittelsbacher Castle Kaltenberg to Castle Hohenschwangau. The distance of the challenge is about 106-108 km and not too many master the full challenge. But several hundred did. Even some knights in armor participated.

It is a charity event for IT education of young Africans in remote areas in Kenia, Africa. Where Prince Ludwig works as development aid worker.

If Bavaria would still be a Monarchy, Prince Ludwig someday would become King Ludwig IV. Actual head of the house is Francis III. (Jacobitish Title, uncle of Ludwig, Herzog Franz Von Bayern)

Next one will be father of Prince Ludwig, Prince Luitpold Of Bavaria. Who lives in castle Leutstetten and castle Kaltenberg with the famous brewery and renaissance festival “Kaltenberger Ritterspiele”.

And then Prince Ludwig will have to take over the job as head of the house.

Prince Ludwig was in the headlines this year marrying Sophie-Alexandra Evekink in the Theatinerkirche in Munich. Royal Highness Prince Ludwig gave a lot of autographs at the start in Kaltenberg and I summoned all my currage and I could get him to sign our Ludwig.

Our Ludwig now needs to be spared and kept in a save place.

Sissi was joining too.

The swarm and me did not walk but I was in the troupe to join one of the contestants, so I got a sent of what it’s all about. The walk started at 02. September 14:00 and went on throughout the night until Sunday afternoon 03. September. So, the swarm set up its base camp in Dießen.

The weather was still warm in September and the long night was not getting too cold.

We enjoyed the wonderful famous dark beer of the brewery before the start in Kaltenberg.

Ilse Aigner, important female politician and currently president of the Bavarian Landtag was joining the opening ceremony. She had planned too to walk but was injured and could not join.


Blessings and a Prayer were spoken by the Abbot of St. Ottilien at the start.

Prince Ludwig joined the whole distance although with all the marrying he could not train as much as he usually does. He was not as fast as the last times.


His wife Sophie-Alexandra was joining too at the start and was taking good care of her husband throughout the night.

Sissi and I took it easy and enjoyed the adventures of the Ammersee lake on the way.

We saw the new Utting on the lake and remembered the poor old Utting on the bridge in Munich.


The hike is not only long. With all the hills in front of the Alpine Mountains to walk up and down you also must challenge an altitude of over 1700 m up. It covers some of the nicest parts of Bavaria with several monasteries and lakes on the way and churches like the famous Wieskirche. Destination was castle Hohenschwangau where iconic King Ludwig II. grew up and where Ludwig II. became a good swimmer in the Alpsee between Castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

Access to the “Löwenhof” and the beer cooled in the fountain at the finishing line in Castle Hohenschwangau was restricted and only the participants were allowed in.

It had to be explained to many tourists.


Track Course:

Schloss Kaltenberg

St. Ottilien





Märchenwald Schongau


Maibaum Bayerniederhofen

Schloss Hohenschwangau

Credit: Maps Icons ColIlection,


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Salzburg Austria
Baden Baden 08.2023