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Münchner Freiheit

Schliersee, Biersee
Deer, Moose, Ducks, Swans, Frogs, Sapiens

Wittelsbacher Luitpold Emanuel Duke  I n  Bavaria (Line Palatin-Zweibrücken) also (next to Castle Possenhofen) sold the later in WWII destroyed Castle Biederstein North West of the Kleinhesseloher See (lake) in the “Englischer Garten” in Munich. The site is now undermined by the busy ring street “Mittlerer Ring”.

The money of the sale was invested in the construction of Castle Ringberg.

We saw new member of the swarm Rainer Langhannes in the park in front of the dormitory Biederstein.

At the place of the former castle is the after WWII new built famous student dormitory Biedersteiner Wohnheim. It was built with the money from the American Marshallplan (ERP, European Recovery Program) with Harry S. Truman as President. Truman grew up in Independence Missouri, and Sheila was there many times.

Famous Uschi Obermaier, who had relations with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones lived in that dormitory for some time. Her live became subject of a movie. She now lives in Los Angeles where she designs jewelry. Which I visited with Sheila 1987.

Uschi joined Rainer Langhans in “Kommune 1” (Commune 1). Both Icons of the German Hippie movement and the sexual revolution. Here is the iconic, famous (warning Nudity) picture which was in the press at. Vegan Langhans still lives in Munich Schwabing in the Harem.

Langhans is also known to have planned an attack on the American Vice President Huber H. Humphrey 1967, the “Pudding Assassination”.

I suggest to play this song to add to the atmosphere.

The suspicion arises that the Corona Crisis has been canceled currently when Joyes let her eyes wander over the thousands of people strolling and laying in the “Englischer Garten” in Munich, sitting High On The Monopteros.

We also again had to eat some cake in Café Rialto, now Richards “Café Rialto” which is a Self-Service joint at the moment.

People are still cruising through Wild Schwabing, but the vehicles have changed significantly. Much calmer. But we did see one Porsche and one Bentley.

We also admired the monumental modern piece of art of the Munich Re, the Walking Man

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Schliersee, Biersee
Deer, Moose, Ducks, Swans, Frogs, Sapiens