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News from Jamila in Croatia, Krk, Njivice

Dublin Regulation, back in Croatia

Jamila has again been seen in Croatia but she was moved to another camp on Krk Island, near the town of Njivice.

But it seems she received enough Food and water.

She sometimes was even able to visit the nice beach.

The odds in the process of her immigration seem to change in her favor. After she was bared again for a short time in another emigration refugee camp she was lately picked up by an mysterious envoy from a yet unknown country of the Dublin agreements states to be officially moved to this country. But we have the feeling we saw this privy councilor before on TV while being in Berlin.

Policeman Franc picked her up and transferred her to the envoy. They all went away on a boat which took off for some unknown destination. Maybe the mainland of Croatia again.



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Dublin Regulation, back in Croatia