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Schliersee, Biersee

Starnberg, Rat, Shipwreck?
Uffing Hitler, Dumb Herd, Kindergarden

As the swarm had acquired a taste for bicycle trips in our picture book Bavarian neighborhood and our wonderful lakes, we also had to visit the “Schliersee”.

The only bad thing about cycling are the flies getting into your hair, mouth and eyes while riding through the fields and forests. In those times when even flies know which side their bread is buttered on and might be contagious.

I suggest to play this music to add some atmosphere.

Also to commemorate one more of our iconic Bavarian villains. The poacher “Jennerwein” (a Wuidschütz and not a Wuidara, he used a gun, not traps) who was shot dead by a hunter from the back. Of course it was also about jealousy and a girl “Agerl” (Agathe). The story became part of literature, music and film. Poaching in Bavaria was considered not a heavenly sin, but only a civil offence which doesn’t matter in paradise. Where poaching is legal and the killed animals will resurrect immediately. Having a poacher in the family is a honor for each Bavarian family. Now that the Oktoberfest was canceled and Duckdidu says „I möcht gern an Biersee so groß wie der Schliersee”, (I want a beer lake, as big as the Schliersee). Of course I was compelled to rent a boat to enjoy the nice lake on a wonderful sunny day. We also went into “Cafe Wildschütz Jennerwein” (poacher Jennerwein) and I had to get us some cake.

Womenizer “Girgel” Jennerwein is still very popular.         

On the way back we came across this typical Bavarian livestock.

Dead Jennerwin was brought back to Schliersee and ski star Markus Wasmeier who operates as museum at the lake also tried to bring back dead Brutal Bear Bruno into his museum. He at the start was standing up for the poor bear but later changed his mind, maybe convinced by Edmund Stoiber. The remain of the cadaver caused some diplomatic arguments.

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Starnberg, Rat, Shipwreck?
Uffing Hitler, Dumb Herd, Kindergarden