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Super Bowl, Duck Tail Party

Beaks The Revenge
Ludwig der Strenge, Alter Hof Munich

The countdown has started for the Super Bowl 2020. As the swarm is a fan of the KC Chiefs (also of the Fursty Razorbacks here in Germany) and has been longing sooo long to see the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, we staged a Duck Tail Party here. Sportsman Duck Thomas (D.T.) insisted to provide six – packs for the Drakes. Sheila insisted to have a bottle of champagne for the Ducks. Thomas and Jamila fixed some burgers,

we still have sandwiches, popcorn and chips to make it through the night. Sheila was in Kansas City many times but we never made it to Arrowhead stadium. We did attend a Baseball game of the Royals at that time

and had the luck to watch a great game of the Kansas Jayhawks.

Sheila and Thomas (Nr. 58) started the evening with a Tomahawk Chop, we used a drum Sheila brought home as a souvenir from Benin, Africa. Of course they did not get close to the 142.2 decibles.



And they really brought it home to the Chiefs Kingdom. Congratulation to all the friends in Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri. Now its Time to Party



You might wonder why Ronald D. was not there at our party but he was planning to join the official party in KC in the USA. So he flew with his private jet to KC International Airport. Then he rented a car and started to look for Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas after he congratulated the Great State of Kansas for the Super Bowl victory. But he could not find Arrowhead in Kansas. Then he started to look in Arkansas. drew supicion on himself and almost ended here and returned completely confused. Now he speculates that Kansas is part of the moon, or Canarda which had been conquered 1775 after the Americans took over all the airport. A scandal that none of his big team told him in time that Arrowhead, where the Chiefs play, is in Missouri and not in Kansas and that there is a Kansas City Missouri and one Kansas City Kansas. A fact that had been neglected by many big newspapers. Maybe Ronald had given too many of his advicers in his team the sack lately.

As he does not appreciate alcohol the swarm saved him a bottle of Coke and was glad he did not have to sing the Anthem. But some villain had manipulated the bottle.

I like the fact, that there is an ongoing, well known rivalry between the Broncos and the Chiefs, we have something historic like that here in Munich too. FC Bayern München is a long time rival of the TSV 1860 which was successful but only in the old days. But the rivalry still exists.



I should mention for legal reasons at this point that we are really enjoying shown products but we are not advertising any products, clubs or companies shown and that we are not supported by any of the companies.


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Beaks The Revenge
Ludwig der Strenge, Alter Hof Munich