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Christmas 2018, Weißenburger Platz Munich

 We took the train from Munich.

The area round the Tegensee was long dominated by the Wittelsbacher family after kind king Maximilian I of Bavaria seized monastery Tegernsee in the secularization 1803 as king in the name of the state and then bought it as head of the Wittelsbacher family. Sissy (empress Elisabeth) was visiting her cousin Max here and went swimming in the lake, just as in the Starnberger See (Wörthsee at that time).

Watch brave duck Agnes together with her teammate measuring and reporting the lakes temperatures daily.

Together with her Sister Maria Sophie Queen of the two Sicilies, they as cheeky brats scratched their names in the windows in their cousins hut on the “Königsalm” in the beautiful Bavarian Alps, a great hiking area.

Sheila joined me on a hike up on the „Neureuth“ alpine pasture which offers a splendid view down on the lake and the Tegernseer valley. Cows are up here too in summer and you can enjoy a nice Bavarian Brotzeit up here.

On the way up we came past the historic „Sengerschloss“ which puts up the hotel “Das Tegernsee” today. It once belonged to the daughter of Russian Czar “Marija Alexandrowna Romanowa” and then next in line her daughter Queen “Maria of Romania”. Marija Alexandrownas, husband Alfred (son of queen Victoria, Brittain) had a loyalty problem as he, at that same time with his British relatives and his commando in the royal navy, his Russian stemming wife, also became Prince of Coburg in Germany. Short before WWI which was a war amongst cousins, a family affair. She was the sister of Ducky„, Princess Victoria Melita of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Ducky secretly married her second husband Kyrill (cousin, later head of the house Romanow) without the agreement of Russian Zar family (at the beginning) here in Tegernsee after Ducky’s scandalous divorce.

Queen Enna and king Alfons of Spain stayed here in summer, the Prussian crown prince couple with Crown Prince Wilhelm from Prussia, (here together with one of the “Alte Adler” , pilot before and in WWI „Eugen von Tarnóczy“ *** at airfield Döberitz close to Berlin)

Prince Metternich. Russian grand dukes met British noblemen here and many hunted in the Wittelsbacher hunting enclosures in the area. The comfortable Hotel offers a world class view down on the lake and good food on its splendid terrace. The nearby spa village „Wildbad Kreuth“ was of European importance too.

The Tegernsee today is one of the nicest and fanciest places in Germany and many celebrities try to find a nice villa for themselves and safes to put in the tax fraud money here. Property prices are high and rising. That was also the case during Nazi rule, Röhm (SA) and some comrades spent some holidays here, Hitler himselve arrested Röhm here, some of Röhms comrades were shot dead here and Hitler let Röhm being killed soon later in Stadelheim, Himmler and Bormann had houses at the Tegernsee and Reichsjägermeister Göring alias Mayer tried to reserve the whole area as his private hunting ground.

As Sheila loves to sail on boats I rented one (electro propelled, no license required) and we enjoyed the sun out on the picturesque lake. We watched the old church of the former monastery with the Tegernseer brewery and the Duke’s “Herzogliches Bräustüberl Tegernsee” at the banks of the lake on the compound. They use a strange but very strong currency here.

*** Wikipedia might be wrong here, Sheila has a newspaper article with an interview, where Tarnóczy himselfe (80’th birthday, Traunstein) states, he was wounded 1914 in WWI and then quit, and not as early as 1912.

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Christmas 2018, Weißenburger Platz Munich