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Steam Locomotive from Munich to “Bayerisches Eisenbahnmuseum“ Nördlingen

Tegernsee, oldest operating Ferry, Wittelsbacher with horses, Women in Ponds, triple boat trip,
E 69 04 “Johanna”, LAG 04 + "Adolphine" 169 005-6 (E 69 05)

After Sheilas adventure in the Brockenbahn some years ago, the swarm decided to travel in another means of transport: A normal Track Steam train operated by the BayernBahn in cooperation with the Bayerisches Eisenbahnmuseum e.V. (Club). On the same tracks, the modern Bullet Trains use.

The Museum in Nördlingen celebrated 175 years of Railway in Nördlingen. A former border Station between Bavaria and Baden in the West. Which had a different time Zone at that time an strict immigration rules. People at the beginning had to change trains.

Funny fact was, that the Special Steam Train was perfectly on time.

It was a far distance trip with a Steam Train. Which is amazing, that this is still possible. And believe it or not, the steamer was perfectly on time.

I am still behind the schedule of blogging, but I decided to put a first version online as the swarm goes on another train trip today.

To Nördlingen from Munich with Locomotive 01 066 some days ago. With a few pictures just to brag during today’s trip in Adolfine 169 005-6 (E69 05).

The car, we had our reserved seats in, was equipped with the most streamlined heating system:

-Steam Operated

-Plus: an electric one as the old car operated on both systems.

New member of the Swarm, Jim Zipper, organized and supervised the trip.

Flying Trainstation Munich

Jim insisted to start in the subway.

Steamtrain and ICE Bullet Trains using the same platform.

Old fashion stoking

The Steam Train took along an historic electric Lokomotive which was deployed on the way back.

Jim was asked to come up on the Locomotive to give some advice.


All seats were reserved and marked in old fashion way.

We had the priviledge to sit next to two older men. Both engeneers working worldwide and experts for Steamtrains and Model Trains, Electric Trains and Generators. The swarm could not participate in much of the highly sofisticated conversation but we learned one thing: It were the Prussians with their passion for standardization who did a lot of harm to the rail system up until today. They came to the conclusion: „Sch… Preußen“. And of course they also knew all about the Ammergaubahn with the E69 series as well.

Augsburg: reaching Augsburg Jimmy Zipper was under steam.


We havn’t seen Steam Locomotives for many years, but we overtook one on the way to Nördlingen in Donauwörth. Probably with the same destination.



All along the way stood many enthusiastic train spotters. Uncomprehensible, how much effort some nerds put into collection senseless stuff.

We saw the nice, impressive castle Haburg, we havn’t heard of before. (Staufer aera)

Another future destination for the Swarm.

Nördlingen, museum next to the train station

As the Station in Nordlingen is part of the Old „Ludwig-Süd-Nord-Bahn“ (initiated by King Ludwig I. of Bavaria) we can also file it under Wittelsbacher Monuments.


From Hof in Northern Franconia to Lindau at the Bodensee.

We do not now shit from Shinola coming to the great hobby of interest in Train, Model Train and expected to see 3-4 operating Steam Locomotives in the museum. But we assessed, that they must have had 40 on the vast compound and were overwhelmed by all the beauty.

Many of them were put on a gigantic Train Turntable and displayed all day long under steam like human top models on a cat walk. (still working on the videos…)



Plus, other Locomotives and many historic wagons.

They even had a Steam Organ on the compound. These were the days, when you should talk to the stoker, not to the Organ Grinder and for sure not to the monkey.

Like on the Natchez in New Orleans.

The old waggons with the old comfort.

In Nördlingen our locomotive 0 1066 was detached from the front of our train and put to the back.


During the way back, the train, now drawn by the old electric locomotive, suddenly started to drive at a very high speed after Augsburg. So Jimmy was worried about the Steam Locomotive.

But we learned, that it was detached in Ausgburg and stayed in Augsburg for the night.


Credit: Maps Icons ColIlection,


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Tegernsee, oldest operating Ferry, Wittelsbacher with horses, Women in Ponds, triple boat trip,
E 69 04 “Johanna”, LAG 04 + "Adolphine" 169 005-6 (E 69 05)