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Sheila and I went to Turkey twice. 1992 during an Interrail tour and again this  spring (2017)

Actually 1992 I wanted to take the train through the Balkan area back home from Istanbul, but because the Balkan War had started I took a plane to Zurich, Switzerland instead.


Turkey Istanbul




Turkey Kusadasi


While we were in Turkey 2017 the country was celebratating the important Atatürk Memorial Day at the 19. of May, also known as the Day of Sports. It’s a big public holiday and many families stayed in the hotel we were in. That had a special program that day.


British  people too for their holiday. Unfortunately during that time a big terror attack (22.05.2017) in Manchester took place and ruined the athmosphere.









The Peace Memorial in Kusadasi Harbour and on Pigeon Island, in the fascinating fort.


Sheila learning about the birds on Pigeon Island and leaving with a ferry boat for a day trip to Greece.

I also used the chance to go diving again and this time I took Sheila underwater with me. Maybe the first picture of a rubber duckie under water. I had help from the crew of the very friendly diving boat and liked the good equipement, Sheila met her good old friend Sieghbert Sqid and had a little talk with him about the global warming. Sieghbert said, that all which is said about global warming is just Fake News and that he has never felt any rise in air temperature. He said that his friends in America, the Valentine Beatles and the Dodos in Mauritius Island say the same thing, though he hasn’t been talking to them for some time. He is more concerned about the pollution of the oceans and the Invasion of immigrants.

We loved the TV-programm DUCK.TV



Turkey Hierapolis, Pamukkale


Sheila enjoyed the pleasures of Cleopetras Bath, given to Cleopetra by Marc Amtony in the vast compound of Pamukkale. Walking in the hot mineral pool was difficult because of all the antique fragments of the former tempel on the ground of the pool, the action-camera in one hand, Sheila in the other. The cock symbolices antique god Hermes and is a symbol for the area.


The area of the antique city of Hierapolis was also know as the gate to hell with Cerbarus guarding the entrance. Animals were killed here to entertain the believers. They used traps with CO2 gas coming out of cracks in the ground which displaced the air on the lower level and killed the animals. The present priest (being the high men on the Totempole helps although there are other opinions) knew well how to keep their heads high enough above the gas to impress the spectators.


Turkey Yenipazar



On the way to Pamukale we also visited the small town of Yenipazar with the maybe best flat bread pizza in the whole country. (Pide) The town has a small but interesting Museum in the house of leading fighter and resistance hero of the Turkish Independence war ,  Yörük Ali Efe . His grave is in the garden of the Museum.




Turkey Selcuk


We also visited the new built temple of Artemis (a promising Project according to this link) , a 150 Million Dollar Investment but it was not open. Nothing was going on there, grass was growing between the gaps in the ground panels, some windows were borken, only one more person was on the compound standing in a corner and no Gladiator Games (like in a antique Disney Land) as promised on a advertisement panel were going on, not one car was parked on the big parking lot.

Now after looking for the name Cittanica visible on the Panel I found something newer on trip adviser.

I walked all the way from the center of Selcuk and was hungry, so I got a nice lunch in a big restaurant near the road and watched some nesting busy swallows while eating. I was the only guest at the beginning.


Sheila also used the chance to ride on some of the legendary Dolmuş busses, a System which is reliable and comfortable if you want to travel closer distances in Turkey. Not to popular among the taxi drivers though.


In Selcuk we saw many nesting and flying Storcs










Sheila Ephesos




1991 Cave of the Seven Sleepers and a Cotton field at Selcuk.


And I must confess, that I was talked into buying two quite expensive carpets. I didn’t plan that and it was much too much money for me at that time. But I still have and enjoy them, the quality and design is excellent, the colours are still nice.





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