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Bad Tölz, Kalvarienberg, Leonhardikapelle, Hl.-Kreuz, Mordweihnacht Sendling, Kochel

Uffing Hitler, Dumb Herd, Kindergarden

The Leonhardikapelle (chapel),

Kalvarienberg with a crucifixion group and the Hl.-Kreuz-Kiche (church of the holy cross), a double church are situated on a hill which in the mediaeval times was used for executions. They had gallows there on the mountain.

At the site an annual important pilgrimage takes place since 1856, the biggest of its kind now. Horses are blessed in the event and the well-known event is on the UNESCO List of immaterial world cultural heritages. 

After the Wittelsbacher Bavarian ruler 1705, Elector Duke Max-Emanuel had to leave Bavaria after a lost heritage war against Austria’s Habsburger. The Austrians took over Munich and oppressed the local population. 1705 the Bavarian population formed an army of insurgents and tried to free Munich. But they were neither well trained nor well organized. The more numerous Unterländer couldn’t march to Munich in time so the Oberländer were alone. And the occupants in Munich were warned. So the Oberländer, who started their campaign in Tölz had no chance. It ended in the “Sendllinger Mordweihnacht”.  (Christmas carnage) Sendling is a city part of Munich now. Almost everybody of the Bavarian troops was killed, some arrested and some released not sooner than 1715. The chain round the Leonhardikapelle symbolizes the release of the prisoners.

Wittelsbacher King Ludwig I. was here 1829, had lunch and enjoyed the nice view overlooking the Karwendel Mountain range.



The legendery Schmied von Kochel (blacksmith) is said to have been the last Bavarian Hero who died in the battle. He is commemorated with a memorial in Sendling but also in Kochel.

In Bad Tölz we also found this outpost of the legendery Wild West, the Pistolero Club. And another example, that Bavaria has Navy.


Schmied von Kochel in Sendling (Blacksmith of Kochel)

At the place of the battle in Sendling there is a church “Alte Pfarrkirche Sendling) and the last part of the battle took place on the cemetery of that church. The church was destroyed and Sendling looted by Habsburger troops from Franconia and Hungary. One of the last defenders who died was the legendary “Schmied von Kochel”. (Blacksmith)

It is historically not sure if the Schmied von Kochel really was an existing historic person. Maybe he was made up to comfort the people after the bitter defeat. But he became popular in literature and theater. Which brings us back to the Wild West and Fake News.

When the ledgend becomes fact print the ledgend.

We saw this fabulous shop for Bath Rooms next door.


Kochel (am See)

We have been in Kochel am See before and enjoyed a nice boat trip and the lovely lake. This time we came to see the Schmied Von Kochel memorial here but we also went down to the lake again.

We had a tasty lunch in the old „Hotel Gasthof Zur Post“ at the Schmied von Kochel Platz outside in the sun although only days before there was already snowfall up the mountains.

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Uffing Hitler, Dumb Herd, Kindergarden