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Continue Integration,Oktoberfest Munich 2018, arrest

Atlas, Max Emanuel in Italy; flight to Napoli; Franz Josef Strauß
Chiemsee, Bavarian Sea

We tried to continue with the integration process of Jamila?? at the last Saturday of the Oktoberfest but Jamila?? had to cope with the fact that the “Wiesn” once again was overkrauted and overcrowded (we also heard a lot of Italians, Russians or Scotsmen talk. Sheila did not join because she was exhausted after the Balkan trip, and though herself involved in skinny dipping, did not like the idea to share the beer table with the Scotsmen who usually don’t wear underwear under their Kilts.

In the background the Paulskirche, Munich, Jamila?? on the way up on the tower of the Paulskirche to enjoy the view.


We used the Saturday to walk up on the tower of the neighboring “Paulskirche” of whose tower you get a nice, comprehensive view over the “Wiesn”. But after that had to quit the event, as Jamila?? found herself in front of locked doors of the beer halls. So we went again next day, Sunday morning, the last day to have breakfast.

 We watched Ox „Basti“ (short for Sebastian) turn on the grill, he was 9 1/2 Zentner heavy (450 475 kg) and he was ox nr. 119 at the Oktoberfest 2018 in the „Ochsenbraterei„.

The Ferris wheel and the real Paulaner Tower, no fake news.

For the first time we noticed, that Ducks are being sold on the „Wiesn“ so I had to take home „Zenzi, short Zenz“ who works as a waitress  during the Oktoberfest and Michael who was once again left by Marianne immediatly casted an eye on her.

Jamila?? of course had to get used to the situation but soon started to like it.

But then things turned out bad:

Finally we got information how Jamila?? was caught by the police. Jamila?? was discovered by the police in the beer tent but she could escape at first, even after she had her drink on the Oktoberfest. But the police continued to go after her. She, Dieter and Sheila went up on the huge slide, followed by the police and chuted down. But the police followed. A wild goose hunt.

So she hided in the labyrinth with the glass walls and she knew the trick how to get out the direct way.

By that she could temporary give the German police a slip but then she tried to hide in the “Schichtl” theatre and ran directly into the arms of the present helping police forces on the “Wiesn” from Austria, I think, the Gendarmerie. This is where her getaway stopped and where she was arrested.



Dieter too, but as a legal subject he was released soon. Sheila could hide.


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Atlas, Max Emanuel in Italy; flight to Napoli; Franz Josef Strauß
Chiemsee, Bavarian Sea