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Football Fever in Front of Feldherrnhalle, NFL Munich Game
Ferry Lefkimmi Igoumenitsa

The swarm took some days off and went to Corfu Greece in May 2022. We did not plan to dip into the Mediterranean Sea much as it was still early in the season. The hotel pool was not heated and cold. The sea was warmer as we found out. At the few times we jumped into the salty water, blurred after windy conditions. We enjoyed listening to the waves flushing on the beach while drinking beer, coffee and Metaxa.


We stayed in a hotel, built into the sheer slopes of the coastline.

We had a lovely view overlooking the sea, the birds passing by in the morning from the sea or crossing the island. Or sometimes the mist billowing in the morning from one side of the island to the other.



They had many green trees in the plant. The birds (I think European Swallows, you got to know about those things if you are a king) on the balcony sang nicely in the morning. And a Rooster too tried to do his best. A lovely atmosphere.

Bonus of the hotel was, that a small, abandoned monastery was nearby in walking distance. When we walked there, we were there all alone with the wind and the view. Approaching the monastery, I heard some strange noise and did not know what it was. We thought, it might be a woodpecker or a donkey grazing in the woods. But finally found out, that it was the Greek Flag raised at the monastery fluttering in the wind.


I liked the hotel a lot although service in the bars and restaurant was still slow after the lockdown and the obvious lack of staff.

I would not recommend the hotel though if you have mobility issues. Reaching the beach maybe 100 m below the lobby or the rooms situated below the lobby at different levels was hard work.

Although they did have a “Teleferic”, a funicular. But it was so slow and confusing to operate. Every new guest pushed the stop buttons at every level. And if you reached that level, you still would have to walk some stairs. So, it stopped a lot, and it took a long time to reach the lobby or the beach. So, I walked over a lot of stairs while I was there. Which on the other hand was good for my fitness and spared me to go to the gym. And we saw some beautiful wildlife on the way and at other places.


I asked the staff in the hotel if they had a nickname for the “Teleferc”. But I did not get a clear answer. The swarm decided to call it “Garry the Snailevator”. It was slow and looked and sounded like a snail.


The hotel also provided for a Greek evening with Greek dancers in original costumes. Also, some like the Evzones (Palast guard in Athens) wear. And which were designed by Queen Amalie of Greece, married to Wittelsbacher King Otto of Greece.


Another great amenity of the hotel was the shuttle bus to lovely Corfu town. The Swarm used that quite a lot as it was much cheaper than taking a taxi.

Corfu Town is gorgeous. a UNESCO world heritage site. Statues, fountains, memorials, castles, film sets,


and lot of history all around. Matthias von der Schulenburg, a Prussian Soldier/mercenary how worked for the Venizians and freed parts of Albania and Greece from the Osmans.

A victory which inspired Antonio Vivaldi to write Juditha triumphans.

Another Contemporary was Melusine von der Schulenburg, a long time Mistress of English King George I.

Here is a nice song about the Ghoose.


We did not see too much Ice Cream Parlors, but we did get some Ice and enjoyed some great fish meals here as well. Outside of our hotel.



As we had one hour left, Sissy and Sheila insisted, to take an empty carriage which we saw on the big central place. Our Franz went too.

Betty did a good job and was a good girl. But she seemed to be bored and sometimes had the tension, to go a little faster as wanted.


The swarm also rented a car which brought us to the southern tip of Corfu. After an adventure’s ride through winding, very narrow but lovely streets. Where before a brave Duck was flying low and was damaged severely. Through true Greek atmosphere with old men sitting in the streets playing cards or domino.

Which brought us to the nice harbor of Lefkimmi where we took a ferry to the mainland (Igoumenitsa)


Sissy, Empress Elizabeth from Austria, a Wittelsbacher offspring also bought a famous villa here. The Archilleion.

-She discovered the enchanted place,

-bought it,

-redecorated it with all the extra money she got from her loving husband Franz (who was lucky to inherit a lot of Medici money later from an uncle; long after being turned into an emperor); Sissy as House Flipper

-complaint that It had lost its charm

-and tried to sell it after some years while she was still alive to interested Prussian cousins. Sissy’s daughter Gisela („rackerdürre Sau“ und ihre Kinder als „Ferklein“ quote of mother Sissy) inherited the place and then sold it.

We too had no luck with the Archilleion as it was closed for reconstruction again. But I could take some pictures and buy some souvenirs. The new project is financed with money from the European Community.

Sissy loved to negligently spend the money of her husband. Specially while travelling.

Women. And she got cheated too by a fraudster while buying souvenir jewelry.

We also bought some cheaper souvenirs which we placed on the desk in our hotel room. Together with the swarm. Which got us some extra smiles of the chambermaid.

The swarm was disappointed, that it did not see any Ducks in the souvenir and coffee shop at the Archilleion and showed the shop owner Sissy and Franz from Austria (emperor Franz however never was here) which we had on us. And suggested, he should include those must have items in his range. When I left the shop, I heard some loud laughter behind me. I think, he had immediately checked the web and realized the opportunity.


The car also took us to a wonderful seafood restaurant in the south where we shared an excellent Crawfish lunch. We also had an adequate number of cats begging at the table, just as you like it as a tourist.



Another tour which we loved with a nice car, driven by the guide, brought us up on blooming Mount Pantokrator, the highest point on Corfu. We loved the tour and the excellent views overlooking Corfu and Albania

A great holiday with lots of sites and Duck pictures. And beer and Metaxa.


Notice: we didn’t see any Rubber Ducks in the shops while I was in Greece. I only bought some Ducks made from Olive Wood, candy, lots of honey and some refrigerator magnets.



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Football Fever in Front of Feldherrnhalle, NFL Munich Game
Ferry Lefkimmi Igoumenitsa