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Rhein-Main-Donau-Kanal, Ludwig-Donau-Main-Kanal, with „Kanalratz“ (sewer rat)

Gerundetes Blau Mit Blauen Enten; rolled away
Dreiländermarathon Switzerland, Austria, Germany

Returning from a vacation in the Franconian Wine Area (Nordheim am Main) we made a short stop in Hiltpoltstein on the way back. And learned, that we were close to the Rhein-Main-Donau-Kanal (canal). But as we were in a hurry, we could not spent 10 more minutes to make a detour to the “Alfons-Goppel-Prestige-Tümpel”. Therefore, the swarm decided to return by train and make a bicycle tour along the famous, notorious canal.

We drove to Roth early in the morning by train and than started our tour to Hilpltstein


, smelled the folwers on the way, and to Nuremberg.

….. lake….

Charlemagne is presumed to have successfully finished a connection of the Danube river with the Main river (Fossa Carolina) but if he did, it was not used for a long time.

A maybe descendant of Charlemagne, Wittelsbacher King Ludwig I. later built the “Ludwig-Donau-Main-Canal” which was opened 1846 and operated until the 1950’ties without being a big economical success.


But the prestigious project was picked up again later and a new canal was built to connect the black sea (Ukraine) with the North Sea. But it turned out, to be another unrealistic, Billion Deutschmark money pit. But a great source for bribery. It was criticized a lot in the 1980’ties, also on TV with the famous Cabaret “Scheibenwischer”.  They called the canal „Alfons-Goppel-Prestige-Tümpel“, which created a completely new valuable biotope for the “Kanalratz” (sewer rat). Which was the reason to take along our “Eddi the Rat”, one of our stuffed non-Duck crew members.


Some of the canal’s stages which float slow are contaminated with all kinds of bacteria. But we did see a lot of ducks pooping in the pond and fishing was going on too. And the bicycle path on its shores is great. A great project to create a nice leisure area but a very epensive one. We did not see a lot of boats sailing on the canal, only one big noble river cruise ship.

The splendid: “Avalon Illumination

As we thought, it might be the only ship we see, and it was already some way ahead, I had to rush on my bike to catch up and pass it and set up our photo set in time.

Normally on a canal as narrow as that, you would not be allowed to pass another ship. So we shouted proudly over to the ship:

Wer Ko der Ko„. Reminding of Franz Xaver Krenkl who did the same thing to king Ludwig I. in Munich’s „Englischer Garten„. On a horse carriage. Franz had won several of the horse Races staged on the Wiesn (Oktoberfest) before. The races on the Wiesn started after Ludwigs marriage 1810.

Franz commeorated in Munich at the Karlstor / Kalsplatz Stachus.

But Ludwig I. on one occasion retaliated and shouted the same words to Franz. While blocking the entrance and driveway to the court and stables of Franz with the troupe of carriages of king Ludwig.


The Canal is also used as the swimming stage of the world famous „Triathlon Roth“. We don’t know if that is good for ones health. And we were driving on the shore way which ist also used for the Marathon stage. And wie problably also used some of the streets deployed for the bycicle stage.

Overlooking the Rothsee whose water is also used to regulate the flow in the canal


But the ship came to an unplanned stop in the harbor Hiltpoltstein which we noticed. There must have been some kind of medical emergency as a car with two doctors came to the quay. And they after a complicated maneuver could enter the boat. But maybe it was only refugees from the south-east who had their teeth fixed on board.

Another good thing about that project was, that a Sailing Club was founded by the Operator to put up the Top Dogs and give them a chance to sail on the pretty “Ammersee” where it is based. The Ammersee not far from Munich but far from Main and Danube has no sailable connection with the canal. But a lot of connections with politics and economy.


Greek Lunch in traditional house in Hilpoltstein

We again enjoyed a nice lunch, this time a Greek one in Hiltpoltstein in a historic building from 1601 at the marketplace.





And then followed the canal until to the harbor of/south of Nuremberg. On the way to the train station in Nuremberg we happened to come across the remains of the older accomplished Canal of King Ludwig I., the “Ludwig-Danube-Main-Canal” and of course had to take some pictures. It was officially opened 1846 (some stages were used before) and shut down 1950. And connected the Black Sea withe the North Sea. It is now a protected national monument which is expensive and complicated to maintain. Ludwig I. retreated only two years later after he spent a lot of money on (on or in, sometimes both is correct) Lola Montez.



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Gerundetes Blau Mit Blauen Enten; rolled away
Dreiländermarathon Switzerland, Austria, Germany