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Flugwerft Schleißheim

Echelsbacher Bridge
Memories of Heidelberg

The Flugwerft Schleißheim is a must see museum North of Munich. It is a brand Establishment of the „Deutsches Museum“ Munich. Flight pioneer Otto Lilienthal is commemorated with a bust in the Museum as well as his glider with which he got into a deadly Crash 1896. And there is also Germany’s oldest still opperating airfield next door. We saw a small private plane start from here. The airbase was established before WWI by the Wittelsbacher family. You here can see the first Jet planes built under Nazi rule (Messerschmitt, watch this brave hero getting into a mess of Messerschmitts) at plants in Augsburg but also at secret project places like Duck or Cerusit.

I tried to get into the uncomfortable seat of a displayed fight Jet Plane but found out they saved on propper space so Sheila had to do the Job. But present kids could enjoy the feeling and had a lot of fun.

We found this model of a rocket start ramp with a rocket. Sheila of course had to make it fly.

We learned, that it maybe wasn’t the Wright Brothers in „Kitty Hawk“ to perform the first motorized flight but Gustaf Weißkopf (Gustave Whitehead). Watch this documentation about the real pioneer of motorizied air traffic.

But that is the problem with fake news, if the legend becomes fact, print the legend. And if the legend becomes too valuable, stick with it.

Displayed is also the „Solair 1“, propelled by solar energy, built on the base of the „Canard“ (duck) 2 FL with the feature „Entenauslegung“ (duck design)

Painter Paul Klee, member of the Artist Group „Blaue Reiter“ (which is said to have been established in Café Luitpold by Klee and Kandinsky) was ordered here to do his military service in WWI far away from the front lines. After Macke and Marc had died on the battlefields, the Wittelsbacher, always promoting art, did not want to loose another of their Bavarian star artists. Klee was commemorated with a special exhibit inside of the Flugwerft museum


To accomplish our day of the aviators, we also went to Ottobrunn, south of Munich with the Airbus company. Helicoptors are sometimes tested next door over the fields. It’s an eerie Feeling with all the cameras and satelite antennas on the roofs in that neighbourhood. Otto Lilienthal is commemorated with a street Name here too.


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Echelsbacher Bridge
Memories of Heidelberg