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Jogi in Barcelona; and on the pyre

Sevilla Spain
40 y Rocky Horror

Before starting to the soccer world championship 2018 in Russia self nominated head of the inofficial german soccer Mascot Association 2018 “Jogi” went to Barcelona Spain to pray for some spiritual support and a safe trip. So he went to the Sagrada Família Basilica. (Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família) in Barcelona, Spain. Praying is allowed to improve your performance, other than doping. The construction in Modernisme stile began in 1882 and was drafted by Antoni Gaudi and shall be accomplished in 2026. Still a long time to go but probably well before the accomplishment of the new Berlin airport. It is already a UNESCO world cultural heritage and was inaugurated as a church by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010 and received the title Basilica minor. The construction is financed by entrance fees and donations and by that follows the concept of other big basilicas like in Rom, Ulm or Cologne in the old times. All that did not help in Russia though, Jogi did a bad job.


Returning to Germany from Russia Jogi at home received a warm welcome. Some of the members of the swarm gave him a welcome salute.

The swarm came together and enjoyed the event,singing together and Jimmy playing Highway to Hell which has the perfect rythem for reanimation procedures which rescue swimmer David mentioned.

Sheila of course could not accept such excesses here on this page and came to the rescue and saved Jogi on the “Scheiterhaufen” (pyre; or if you translate it different in syllables “Hord of Loosers”) in the very last minute. As no duck has been shot on a pyre we just had to document the event. „Scheiterhaufen“ is a really good nickname for the German Team 2018, Sheila must keep that in mind.

But the Championship was a success on one point.



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Sevilla Spain
40 y Rocky Horror

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